No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update out today for PS4, PS5 and PS VR

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No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update out today for PS4, PS5 and PS VR

The Sentinels strike back in the latest No Man's Sky combat update.

Hello, we are starting off 2022 as we mean to continue! We are pleased to announce that the first update of the year is available to download for free today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation VR players. It’s called No Man’s Sky Sentinel.

No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update out today for PS4, PS5 and PS VR

The Sentinel update brings an overhaul of the combat systems in game and enemies you meet, to create something much more challenging and exciting. No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration, but our universe has always been one filled with hazards and danger. Sentinels police the planets you explore, and have long been an element of the game we wanted to make more interesting, deep, and fun – whilst also allowing players to defeat and overcome them in a more meaningful way.

Fortunately this update comes with a huge array of combat improvements and enhancements for the battle-scarred Traveller. You have access to new weapons and upgrades, like the high-energy Neutron Cannon, an active camo cloaking device, and a new electrifying stun grenade. You can even install an AI in your own Minotaur Exomech and have it protect you in combat.

Sentinels have become more formidable too. You’ll need to fight against new elite classes of drone – including heavies, summoners and repair units – and even against their own fearsome Hardframe Exomech. Sentinels now deploy their own mobile energy shields, and have access to new weaponry, such as terrain-destroying grenades and a plasma-powered flamethrower. And for the brave, the locations of mysterious Sentinel PIllars have been made known, with exclusive rewards and mysterious stories awaiting those who would breach its robotic archive.

With the Sentinel update, players will learn about the lore of how Sentinels came into being. As you work through a substantial chain of new story-driven missions, you’ll have the chance to re-programme and adopt your very own friendly AI drone, as well as salvaging parts to create defences of your own. 

There is also a new Exobiology Expedition launching next week, with a ton of exclusive new rewards.

This is a huge update, but here are just some of the additions:

Sentinel Hardframe Mech

Battle against a brand new robotic enemy – the huge, heavily armoured Hardframe mech. Equipped with lasers, terrain-destroying grenades, and a plasma-powered flamethrower, this fearsome new Sentinel launches itself across the battlefield with a high-powered jetpack.

Total Visual Overhaul for Weapons

All Multi-Tool systems, from the Mining Laser to the Scatter Blaster, have received a significant visual overhaul, benefiting from new projectiles and beams, muzzle flashes, lighting effects, refraction, new impacts and more.

Advanced Combat Upgrades

New upgrades add depth to combat, with the ability to add stun or incineration effects to your existing weapons, or to set up your Multi-Tool to deal extra damage to targets you’ve previously tagged. Or, take advantage of the new Cloaking Device to vanish mid-fight and gain the strategic upper hand.

AI Robotic Companions

Players can reassemble and reprogram their own friendly robotic drone companion, or go one step further and salvage Sentinel Hardframe parts to build their own autonomous AI-powered giant mechanical escort.

New Stories and Missions

Work with the crew of the Space Anomaly on a substantial new story-driven mission, or raid the sinister Sentinel Pillars to access their archives and probe the secrets of the Atlas and the World of Glass…

Combat Flow and Feel Improvements

A vast list of tweaks and refinements have been made to weapon feel and flow, making for a more dynamic and impactful combat experience. 

New Drone Enemies

Regular Sentinel units have been overhauled, with heavy combat and shield drones, dedicated repair drones, and even advanced summoning units joining the existing patrol drones.

Last year saw the No Man’s Sky team releasing a ton of updates (including Companions, Expeditions, Prisms, Frontiers) and our first expeditions (like Beachhead, Emergence, Pioneers, Cartographers). I don’t doubt that 2022 will be just as productive for our small team.

We look forward to seeing our PlayStation communities take on the reinforced might of the sentinels in this, the 18th No Man’s Sky update.

Our journey continues.

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    • Very cool. Other than the multiplayer update I feel like a lot of the additions and no man’s sky just added needless layers to the game but this truly is substantial. The game needed a tweak to the core systems and not just layers upon layers added on for distraction. I always begged for cities and humanoid enemies/improved combat. At least it seems like combat is finally moving in the right direction and we have real threats to fight on land.

  • PlayStation Support Case: 02739346
    I sent my dualsense controller to Official Sony Turkey service (Sony Eurasia) 55 days ago and they haven’t returned it yet.
    They say “We don’t have any new controllers left to replace. You have to wait”
    Can anybody from Sony please help me.
    2 months of my 12 months PS+ subscription wasted

  • Dood this team… sheesh. This journey has been legit legendary. Thank you all at Hello Games, think it’s time for me to go star surfing again.

  • Thank you for continuously providing amazing support to the game!

  • Loving this update so far! I fought a bunch of the new sentinels, and I almost died! On my main save! That NEVER happens!

    . o O (And extra companion slots, the new weapons… I’m all a-tingle!)

  • My ps5 downloaded the update..but when I go to the expedition tab to start a new save it says download failed 😐

  • I look forward to playing this . . . at some point.

    • I’m with you! There are folks on Reddit who claim to have finished the new story already, and we have yet to even start downloading the new update..

  • Is No Man’s Sky now officially the best supported game post-release (no additional costs) in the history of games?

    • Yep.

      Driveclub and GT Sport are on the list as well but NMS certainly is the GOAT. It’s just a shame nobody listened when they were told that the game essentially was a service game at launch. Sean literally said No Man’s sky is a canvas that will be filled in overtime but people were not as accepting of this idea back then.

  • What time should we expect the update on the ps4? I’ve been trying to get it to show up for two hours so far.

  • im in the us east coast,what time can we expect this update to drop??? looking forward to it!!🤙🤙

  • There’s no update on PS4, I deleted and reinstalled and nothing.

    • Same and my friend just bought the game on steam to play and theyre all up to date with the sentinel so we are unable to play together

    • It is live now for me. I was waiting and checking. Someone posted about 10 mins ago, I checked and now working! 14.3GB download, nice.

  • Ps4 doesn’t have one to install. When is it expected

  • As always, I’m excited for each update to NMS! It’s such an amazing game, and I’ll definitely try to dive back in when I get some more free time! Lots of great stuff to play this month, and lord knows I wish I had more time than I do! lol

  • I have psvr no man sky but I havent receive any update today wtf …?

  • Looking forward to downloading this update, when’s it actually going to be available for PS4 anyway?

  • This update is still coming out today, right? It’s after 8:45pm here and still “the installed application is the latest version” (PS4). This company (Sony) is really starting to bum me out…first I can’t get/find a (non-scam/scalped) PS5 (not really their fault I guess…) and now I can’t even get an awesome update to one of my favorite games.

  • Might wanna update your newsletter considering this title is only 1/3 true?!?

  • ‘ No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update out today for PS4, PS5 and PS VR ‘

    Sure ..

    PS4 .. still nothin’ it’s almost 24h later

  • Lies lies lies. I mean from sony, not from hg.

  • looks amazing

  • This is ridiculous it is now the 17th and I have not received the update on my PS4 really really upset😡🤬

  • a day later and it still is’t available to download on my base ps4, what gives?

  • I am paying for ps plus. And I am unable to use multiplayer in game, from yesterday adternoon, because ps4 have different version of game like everyone else. Thank you sony thieves.

  • …what gives? is this false advertising? there is no PS4 update yet? what are you talking about?

  • Did not get the sentinel update for nms on PS4. When will we get it?

  • Its rolling out on PS4 now.

  • hello, i want to play with my PC friend but i have not got this update yet so we cant play anymore. Is it a mistake or will it soon drop on all versions of the PS4?

  • Sweet! I’ve been wanting to jump back in so badly. Now there’s even more when I do!

  • That’s because shaun murray lied about multiplayer.
    He tried explaining how the world was so huge, nobody would find anybody. Then, when 2 friends were at the same location, they couldn’t see each other.

    Never believe a word he says, like tylerdurden.

    If you go back and read his body language from interviews, you can see how it was obvious that he knew he was lying.

    He should have a priority to flesh this game out, to make up for his false advertisement lies. (which is probably the agreement for sony saving hello games from lawsuit.)
    He was so lucky he had Sony’s get out of lawsuit free card. Otherwise, he’d be on food stamps.

    • Uh, you know this game is on Xbox and PC as well, right? It got this same Sentinel update on those platforms as well as all the other many updates the game’s been receiving for over 5 years now.

      Clearly, it’s already been their priority all along to “flesh this game out”. How many games do you know that receive free updates 5 years after their original release with absolutely no DLC that needs to be paid for?

      Maybe you should go play No Man’s Sky on GamePass instead of posting a copy of a complaint from 2016.

    • Well said eternalblue_8 👏🏼

  • On PS4 IT Said the expédition is finish 0_o …did i Mist IT

  • Все никак не могу купить эту игру. Надеюсь в следующем месяцу возьму.

  • Expedition not working on ps5. Started downloading but failed. Now says complete but can’t get rewards. Tried freeing space and deleting and downloading save data from cloud. Didn’t work. Any ideas?

  • But i still can’t get off the first planet.

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