State of Play March 2022 Recap

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State of Play March 2022 Recap

News includes a content update for Returnal, multiple Square Enix titles, a brand-new Capcom IP, and more.

UPDATE: Catch up on all the exciting news, gameplay reveals, and more from today’s State of Play.

State of Play: All Announcements

A new State of Play is upon us! Join us this Wednesday March 9 at 2 PM Pacific / 5 PM Eastern / 11:00 PM CET for new reveals and eye-catching updates for PS5 and PS4 titles. Note: We won’t have any updates on PlayStation VR2 titles or hardware in this broadcast.

State of Play March 2022 Recap

The show is clocking in around 20 minutes, give or take, with a special focus on highlighting great games coming from some of our beloved Japanese publishers, though we’ll have a few updates from other developers located around the world, too.

You can of course watch our broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube. See you Wednesday!

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)

Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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  • Please show Gotham Knights

    • Gotham Knights is not made by Japanese publisher. they said they focus on games that come from japanesee publishers

    • They also said that they will have updates from developers around the world too

  • We need new Sly Cooper, Infamous, and Twisted Metal titles, please!

    • Thats probably the best and worst thing about PlayStation over xbox, we have a huge player base but almost everyone wants something different. But because of the two or three genres the young crowd is focused on the development for games has been pushed towards filling whats trending to them. Just like Square used to be on top of the Japan gaming but over the years have tried to please the west more on playstaion and xbox doing things they don’t really have a great deal of experience in and the western studios have taken years to get it somewhat right. But looking at all of their flops in recent yrs doing things outside of their rpg area, they have been forced like many to remake or update older ips to fit the bill and are to far apart with their teams to work at the standards of modern graphics. But I believe we are getting all of them at some point twisted metal was teased in 2019 and someone told me bluepoint was doing it. Sly cooper has a remake coming this yr. I wouldn’t be surprised at a new infamous sometime in the future, I doubt they can get it within the next yr or two with what they have coming already though.

    • How did you enjoy the state of play?
      Glad they decided to save and bundle all this immense news in a single event. Sure beats the old way of spilling news as soon as possible.
      Betcha can hardly wait for the next state of play.

  • Bloodborne 2 or Remake please :D

    • I think Bluepoint Games maybe working on the Bloodborne Remake.

      There also working on a new game. That may turn out to be Bloodborne 2. I do hope that there making a new IP, they deserve that.

      Bluepoint Games is a super talented studio, to me there way more talented then any PlayStation Studio.

      Can anybody remember Blast Factor on PS3? Well that was Bluepoint Games debut game and was an original IP. It released way back in 2006, and the game ran at 1080p 60fps on a PS3.

    • 🥶

  • Hola soy sorda de Perú

  • The new Playstation Plus subscription service?

    • I know people think it’s going to launch the beginning of April

    • They been talking a long while now of updating it, rumors started in late 2018 and now we are one quarter into 22 so I would say they change it around a bit and might offer a another service but they are trying to figure out what to do with now and plus subs that are current and how to phase them out without ticking them off and not losing money at the same time. Ps now has tons more games than xbox and most are better but they don’t change it up any for it to be worth while to a customer because by the time they do, you probably already own the game if it was good. And where xbox beats them is giving a new release once a month if they can, which Sony can’t afford to do. Ps plus really isn’t anything more than them getting their money back for hosting, the games they give most months don’t really matter to most and the store discounts that are usually any good are years late to the party. So its really all about online games which like myself don’t much care for because you need it to be popular to have a good population of players, if its dead and you need 5 players well you just wasted your money if you can’t find enough. And then there’s some people just aren’t fun to play with and that is why alot play a game to get away from people. So all really Sony could bring to the table is a catalog of retro games which Im sure they don’t or can’t get a ton of them so its probably not something your going to want to pay a premium for and waste your bandwith for the month on, which is why ps now fails.

  • What are you anticipating the most?

  • Hopefully the “Sony bought popular Konami IP” rumors are true (Metal Gear?, Silent Hill?, …) and something will be revealed about it.

    • That was proven to be false. It was made by a troll account

    • Sir, that was proved Fake

    • Too bad, because Metal Gear was always linked to Playstation. 😞

    • Why though? Sony literally had the director of Silent Hill working for them the past 2 decades, Keiichiro Toyama, and didn’t get him to do anything horror related for nearly 15 years.

    • Why? It would be a good thing if Sony had the Metal Gear license. They could remake the very old titles. They might even hire Kojima Productions to do a sequel. There are many possibilities. At Konami the licenses just gather dust or are used for casino slot machines and pachinko games.

    • That would most certainly be the best thing to come from it but ONLY that.

      Bluepoint doing a job of perfection remaster/remake of MGS1 and Silent Hill 2.

  • Knack 3 ?!?!?

  • umm japanese publishers? This really interests me!! the best at making games are the Japanese and the day you separate from them you will die as a company, a living example is elden ring, you just have to see the success it is having, but I hope it will be to launch it this year and soon not for next years you guys selling a lot smoke, and we look forward to seeing the god of war release date,that you have sold a lot of smoke, and since the previous year you have not published anything good, only horizon FW, it was more or less but it was not that good and the players no longer live from trailers, they should change the way of making games (film -games) will no longer be profitable for you, that’s why you need the Japanese. Maybe we could see a bloodborne 2?

  • Forbidden West PC, let’s go!!!

    • You’ve got a few more years to wait then.

    • Gt7 PC.
      Imagine 60 fps, 4k, RT, all day (+ enhanced textures, lighting, physics, special effects, dlss, full RT, dynamic everything, …)

    • Why would we need to imagine that when we get most of that………. right now, at this moment in gaming time, on PS5 lol?

      It took 8 and a half years for this Gran Turismo game to come out since the last one. Why would anyone continue to wait at this point……for an imaginary version that doesn’t even exist and isn’t in development……. unless they are an Xbot that loves waiting around forever for games, to the point that it IS a game to them and its the only thing they have left to cling onto.

      Also, hi alkalinetp, who did you actually think you were kidding with another hastily created 0 trophy PSN account? 🤣

      Nice alt account, another ironic and hypocritical move by yourself.

    • As the name implies. ☝️

    • Some feather took me too personally.

    • Not even attempting to kid.

  • I’m really hoping we see Final Fantasy 16. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen anything (and Square did say they would show something in Spring). And since Forspoken has been delayed to October, it would be weird for it to show up here, which leaves room for FF16.

  • I hope are not progress games which players do not like, but I doubt it coming from the Japanese, and above all I hope that God of War does not launch it broken like Horizon fw, because there you would be in serious trouble.

    • I’ve played through all of Horizon Forbidden West and I didn’t encounter anything that was “broken”. Maybe it’s just your copy?

  • Looking forward to it!

  • PS5 Pro Confirmed!

    • Likelyhood of a PS5 Pro releasing in the future is very slim imo.

      Next PlayStation may be a slim, after that the PS6.

      PS5 is powerful out of the gate and a Pro model isn’t needed this time around.

    • What do you mean confirmed? They already said no new hardware. Also I’m not sure a PS5 Pro would offer much benefit outside of 4K/60/Ray-tracing.

    • I’d take a PS5 Slim.

  • What time is that for the UK?

  • when will we finally hear about Spartacus and the plans of the service

  • No PSV2 or hardware isn’t ruling out an announcement on the PS Plus changes then.

  • hopefully some god of war updates!

  • Cool, but stop censoring games.

  • Can we get another batman

  • RE4 Remake or RE8 DLC is very likely since the last 4 Resi games (and the return to form for the series) were revealed at PlayStation Events.

  • I hope sly comes back otherwise Kingdom Hearts 4, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2, And Final Fantasy XVI.

  • Well there went all my excitement. I was hoping we’d hear what PlayStation has for their fans coming up. Instead we’re going to get 20 minutes of probably stuff like Lost Judgment DLC, RE Village DLC, Persona 4 Arena, etc. Basically it will be disappointing. When is PlayStation going to start showing us new games? Outside of God of War (which we still need a date for) we know nothing coming up for the rest of 2022 or 2023. Stop leaving your fans in the dark.

  • Hogwarts Legacy please

  • Release date for Stray. Please and thank you.

  • Let us play our entire digital playstation library on ps5 and a new handheld

    • Agreed! I’d love this. I’m aware the PS5 doesn’t have the laser for PS1-3 disc games, but at least let us play our digital purchases.

  • I am hoping for a God of war Ragnarok update

  • Give me that Bluepoint Infamous Dulogy remake :D

    • No, Bluepoint Games need to make there own games. There way more talented then other studios out there.

    • You can’t rely on Bluepoint Games to keep making Remakes. I know there the best at it, and optimization, yep looking at you Fromsoft.

  • Please know that I would pay literally $1000.00, if that is what it cost, for a new Jak & Daxter game. Naughty Dog…. PLEASE.


    Will you guys FINALLY do something for long time PlayStation fans like remembering classic IPs from Japan?

    Wild Arms? Legend of Legaia? No? How about Legend of Dragoon that you’ve seen millions of requests for but keep ignoring…Everybody’s Golf deserved better. It’s like you only want your Japan Studios to make AstroBot…We getting old Sony.

  • greatmazinger123

    Hoping for relink

  • darkangelgodzill

    Please don’t take hogwarts legacy out of the state play we are hungry for info

  • Wipeout or we riot

  • sweet cant wait

  • High hopes for Patapon 3 Remastered

  • Very excited about the return of Sly Cooper. During the future of gaming event when they showed off the ps5 I just wanted a teaser of sly. Gotta be honest been losing hope but it’s turned around. Please sony, give us sly 5. #FreeSlyFromEgypt.

  • Will there be a gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy?

  • The_0neAbove_AIl

    Be prepared for disappointment treatment as always. Let’s see if Sony can save this event by announcing Playstation Spartacus service.

  • Death stranding 2 ????? But i want god of war ragnarok!!!!!

  • No Bloodborne 2 = L

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can’t wait especial if new games .I hope they show discord app on ps5 too

    • I can say, yes the Discord app probably on Ps4 and Ps5, but Sony doesn’t have release the date when it will come, for now.

  • PS5 3D Audio support for Home Theatre setups
    VRR aupport
    Bloodborne remaster
    Bloodborne 2


  • Square Enix acquisition is the only thing that I want to see from this. More interested in you fixing your Japanese discounts. Yes, Atelier trilogies, how did you know…

  • Sony better remember they’re a japanese company that earned its way to success with japanese games!
    Go back to the PS1 and PS2 era, when Playstation was THE jrpg machine!

  • I want to see Infamous and maybe GTA 6 teaser.


  • Well, we didn’t get the Bloodborne remake and most of the content wasn’t particularly great… but Returnal getting multiplayer/co-op was the nice surprise.

  • Just watched it, pretty wack. Very short, like 15 minutes and barely anything good

    • Perhaps they are leaving the big shots for another state of play later on if they are planning to have another one soon. Idk

  • pleasant_torture

    Sony, why you closed accounts in russion region? There’re not only Russia, but another countries

    • Перестань захватывать украинськие города, русский оккупант! Иди домой! Янка, гоу хом!!!

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