Welcoming Haven Studios to the PlayStation Studios family

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Welcoming Haven Studios to the PlayStation Studios family

Montreal-based studio’s first new IP for PlayStation is a AAA multiplayer experience.  

Today, I’m delighted to announce that Haven Studios is officially joining PlayStation Studios! Jade Raymond brings a wealth of experience from her industry achievements and an infectious passion for creating games, and the leadership team at Haven is an equally impressive group of industry veterans who have collaborated on some of the biggest and most beloved games and franchises that many of us still enjoy today.

We began working with Jade and her team in early 2021 when they were on the brink of announcing the formation of Haven Studios. From their first pitch, we were inspired by Haven’s vision for creating a modern multiplayer experience that brings gamers together in positive and meaningful ways. We were confident in their creative and technical expertise to deliver on such an ambitious project and were thrilled to invest in their journey developing a new, original IP for PlayStation.

We’ve had the privilege of working closely with Haven this past year and have been impressed by the studio’s growth and progress. So now, practically on the anniversary of when we made our partnership official, it’s especially exciting to formally welcome them into the PlayStation family. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Haven Studios.

Welcome to PlayStation Studios, Haven!

One year ago this month, we embarked on a journey to start Haven Studios with a small team and big ambitions. Our goal was to build a studio where we could make the kind of games we’ve always wanted to create – and games we’ve longed to play!

We’ve made amazing progress in a short time thanks to our talented, passionate team and their exceptional contributions. We established a culture at Haven grounded in kindness, adaptability and courage that unlocks creativity. Our first new IP for PlayStation is on track to deliver a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, thrill, and playfulness that will keep players entertained and engaged for years.

Today, the Haven team begins a new phase of our journey, as part of the PlayStation Studios family. Working with Hermen, Connie Booth and the team at PlayStation over the past year has been a career highlight. SIE is a supportive partner that truly understands the creative process and what it takes to make a blockbuster AAA game. They have empowered and encouraged us to bring our bold vision to life and make our dreams come true and we could not be more thrilled about this opportunity to strengthen our partnership.

As a SIE first-party studio, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned development teams, including studios like Guerrilla, Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, and Insomniac Games, the creators of games that have inspired us as players and developers for years. We’re excited to learn from these world-class studios, as well as the exceptional central creative, technology and marketing teams whose expertise will enable us to deliver even better games to players.

To our Haven team – a huge thank you. It’s been one of the most rewarding years of my career – and to the players out there, we can’t wait to share more. We’re just at the beginning of what is sure to be a wondrous adventure that will span generations.

Jade Raymond
CEO and Founder, Haven Studios

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  • C’est cool , hâte de voir le projet géniale bienvenue dans la famille

    • I agree.

      I thought Haven and deviation were going to be test runs for potential acquisition depending on the success of their new games. The fact that Sony acquired Haven less than a year into their new project tells me that Sony is wildly impressed.

      I heard that Mark Cerny is involved on the project as well so he must have confidence in both the studio and new IP. This in turn gives me confidence.

      It’s exciting to see Jim Ryan continue investing into the PlayStation ecosystem and the fact that he says more acquisitions are to come even after this is spectacular to hear.

    • I am very thrilled to finally see a Canadian studio, French Quebec one at that, finally make it’s way to PlayStation.

      Jade Raymond was part of early fantastic success, as well as late failures.

      Well, you can’t be successful if you never fail. They are valuable lessons that will put you in the right track to make the best possible game yet.

      That means learning from past mistakes, no broken rushed games like Assassin’s Creed Unity (Rushed because of Ubisoft executives), no terrible monetization like Star Wars Battlefront (not exactly Jade’s fault here, more the fault of marketing), a full commitment to make the best possible game (unlike Google’s commitment to Stadia).

      The core game play must be extremely fun and innovative. It can’t feel clunky like Assassin’s Creed (they haven’t truly changed since AC2), sometimes you can run fluidly onto rooftops, sometimes a little grass and rock pushes you back…

      Visuals are always a plus, but terrible monetization will ruin a game forever before it even becomes popular. Charging $ like an arcade just to play a game online is insanely backwards thinking, it pushes people not to play your game… The opposite would be better (free in game content to play)

      I truly wish the best success for their project, make it an exciting adventure, something people will love for years to come. Show us what you’re truly made of. I know you can create something fabulous with the right team and right company.

  • The ability to work collaboratively with SIE PlayStation Studios like Guerilla, Sucker Punch, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Media Molecule must be a huge value to any new studio by veteran game developers looking to make a bold new IP game.

  • Welcome to PlayStation Haven Studios \o/

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  • This is very exciting, looking forward to what Haven is building!!!

  • Amazing news. Very exciting.
    Congrats to all involved.

  • Hope you’re not interested in creative freedom.

    • This is Sony not Micro$oft.

    • What difference does it make to an Xbot with a throwaway PSN account?

      When you even hate on the massively successful, multi million day one selling, critically acclaimed, GOTY nominated and GOTY winning, industry changing PlayStation games, why do you think you would actually be taken seriously under any other circumstances?

      Imagine a company releasing games like I mentioned above, consistently, and still having a disturbing grievance with them…….. to the point it really is disturbing. I mean, how many hours of the week do you spend refreshing the PlayStation Blog lol?

      We all call Sony out for the things they do, on this blog but a clown like you represents nobody here.

    • Laughs in The Initiative*

    • What was this person’s previous name I forget but it was another fake throwaway account. It’s obviously the same person I wonder why they changed the name.

      It’s so hilarious though as a clear Xbox champion judging from your past profile you are out here claiming that Sony stifles creative freedom.

      That’s so laughable and baseless it’s not even funny. And that’s hard to do because it’s quite laughable but yet not funny, hmm.

      All you have to do is compare PlayStation and Microsoft and just look at this and last generation in terms of new IP. Which publisher is really letting their developers create the games they want and which publisher is forcing Studios to pump out sequels and basically be one IP Studios? Forza, Gears, Halo are still the only relevant Xbox IP other than the desperate publisher acquisitions that afforded them to hijack many of the industries best IP that, doesn’t really count.

      What is this the third generation straight that Microsoft couldn’t even grow a relevant new IP because they dictate what developers can do and they would rather pump out sequels and shovelware?

      Look at the biggest IP on Playstation right now and virtually all of them were created 2013 or later and are either the second, third, or fourth successful IP from their developers. Spiderman, Horizon, Tsushima, The Last of Us. And though these don’t have the same level of sales success Returnal, Astro Bot, Death Stranding, Bloodborne, and Dreams would fall under a similar umbrella. Even Days Gone will hit 10 million units lifetime. Creative new IP like Concrete Genie and ofc smaller third party exclusives that Sony constantly pushes or funds. Did they mandate that Housemarque needed to make Resogun 2 after the success of the first game? Alienation, Nex (self published), Matterfall, Returnal proceeded instead. Quantic wasn’t forced to make heavy rain 2 despite that game being Far and away the most successful.

      You can make foolish statements but the facts don’t back your claims. The PlayStation 4 was so successful because Sony launched numerous great IP that generation and they are on Pace to have even more this generation.

      Most of the major first party Studios have multiple relevant IP. They create the games that they want to make. Naughty dog constantly makes remarks stating that they operate basically like an independent. Uncharted 4 is the best selling first party game in the history of PlayStation but naughty dog is tired of working on the IP so therefore we will not see another Uncharted game from the developer and rumors for years now point to strays cross as their next new IP. Sony did not force Corey barlog to direct God of War Ragnarok despite the fact that God of War 2018 sold 20 million units without a drop of DLC. He wanted to create a new IP so that’s what he’s doing. He gave the director’s hat to somebody else for Ragnarok. I’m not sure many publishers would allow that type of freedom coming off one of the most successful games in the history of the company. Most publishers would mandate that naughty dog continues pumping out Uncharted and that Corey barlog definitely directs God of War Ragnarok based on the enormous success of the previous games.

      In every area I can absolutely annihilate your pathetic claim. Even if you just take the word creative and isolate it you can make a case that Sony has much more creativity. LBP, Dreams, Tearaway and that’s one developer yet they’ve shown more creativity in the past decade than Microsoft has as an entire publisher. Playroom, VR worlds, Concrete Genie, The Last Guardian, I could go on. They let the guys who made Elden ring and Dark Souls experiment on a weird VR pacifist game with no combat and fairies.

      All of the data flies in the face of your asinine claims. As usual you failed.

    • iamtylerdurden1 Quantic is not owned by Sony, they had a three game exclusivity deal with them which was filled with Heavy Rain, Beyond and Detroit.

    • 🤡 tyler

    • I guess creative now means single player story games with minimal replayability, like tlou, gow, horizon, uncharted, ratchet clank, days gone, ghost of tsushima, spider man, and others.
      It’s clear ps’s first-party studios are lacking in multiplayer and replayability.

      Interesting perspective you have there, bub.

    • I’ve been playing PlayStation since it first came I hope you don’t take away from the original of the game

  • But why? This studio has done nothing…

    • Sometimes companies are purchased for the talent or tech and not just for content they create. Its possible the team show incredible promise so its more of a talent acquisition.

    • The studio has RELEASED nothing, which is not the same as DOING nothing.

    • It’s their 2 or 3 future projects that ps is interested in.
      Haven is still hiring vital positions within their company.
      It will be a long time before they gold.
      We can only hope for replayability, but now that they’re under ps, expect mtx, deluxe, ultimate editions, a useless statue, updates upon updates, and frustration.

    • The last thing I’d want to do, just after starting a game studio, is give up my control to PS.

    • I take it you are unfamiliar with Haven’s CEO, Jade Raymond and her previous AAA work?

    • Exactly!!!

    • This acquisition means nothing for the fans for now, but this is a business decision and will presumably bear fruit later on.

    • THANK YOU!

      I dont understand why anyone would care.

    • cheaper to buy a new studio than one that is a giant.

    • I laugh at people that have put Jade on a pedestal… she’s a producer not the second coming. I think the point is – I don’t have faith now that Sony has it’s eye on quality, but rather they seem to be focused on income stream. I can imagine that shareholders are loving the prospect of a new GaaS game (just add it to the pile in development)… but as a gamer, I have almost zero interest in this, especially as I’ve not played / seen a single thing from this studio (remember… Jade is not a game designer… she’s a producer). Also… hate to say it, but a studio of 60 isn’t going to be making any AAA games. My guess is Sony knew they would need to pump a lot of resources into making this work anyway, so they may as well buy them out. Nicely played Jade.

  • So you bought a studio that hasn’t done anything but you won’t go after Platinum Games,Falcom, Capcom, or Arc System Works?

    Platinum literally begged to be bought… They need a budget behind them!!

    Have yall learned nothing from your playerbase?

    Bought Bungie but then go and buy an unproven studio.

    • The team behind Haven have produced some high profile games. The studio has yet to produce but the talent is there.

    • Sony also literally just acquired blue point and Housemarque among others you freaking joke.

      But yeah you know what you’re talking about let’s hire the guys who just made a game that has a 40 Metacritic. Platinum Games.

      How dare they not by Capcom. Because that really is Sony style to buy massive publishers like Microsoft does. Since they have such unlimited funds in your world they should just buy take two/rockstar.

      Haven hasn’t done anything and they’ve been around for so long like almost a year how dare they not ship 10 games by now. The founder of the studio only created Assassin’s Creed and watch dogs and built two Studios for Ubisoft but yeah let’s act like this studio has been around for a long time and has no talent and has done nothing you are a clown and everyone who agrees with you is equally a court jester.

    • I don’t agree with you. I think its good to invest in a new studio. What good would it do to buy a big well known studio? I only see a downside as it would make future games exclusive to that 1 platform.

    • Getting an “unproven” studio and building them up is much more honorable than taking studios that were multiplatform and buying them out-like a certain dishonorable competitor.

    • Hypocritical tyler.
      You’re the joke.

  • Jade produced and directed the best Assassin’s Creed games, and Watch Dogs. When Google pulled the plug on first-party Stadia development she was set free to make a new studio. Very exciting!

    • Don’t forget also the 3 years she wasted away with Amy Hennig at EA when they pulled the plug on Visceral.

    • No.. she did not direct. She produced or was the executive producer on ALL her games (other than when she was managing director for Ubisoft – which has nothing to do with designing/directing games). She’s definitely an experienced business-woman, but has had almost no involvement in the actual game design. I think people are not really understanding what she did/does.

  • Exciting news but always weary when so much of a company/project success is concentrated on one person. Good luck Haven studio!

    • Don’t be fooled Haven has talent across the board with veterans who have legendary games on their resume. Montreal is a hotbed for talent and Haven is already a class triple A Studio. I’m not sure why people are so skeptical and weary it honestly confuses me as to why people can’t just be excited. Sony acquired these guys less than a year into their existence as a studio when they didn’t have to. They have yet to acquire deviation whom they also have a similar agreement with. If you see what Sony executives are saying it’s quite obvious they are wildly excited about this project and. Mark Cerny is literally working with them and has co-signed it as well. This is exciting and obviously whatever they are working on is impressive.

    • So… who are these people, and what are they doing (and what have they done recently)? AFAIK she formed the studio mostly from people that came over from Stadia (after it was axed). They may be great, but the proof is in the pudding… I think that’s what people want – actually make a game people can play. Also don’t forget… a studio of 60 people… they were never going to make a AAA game without some serious help from Sony.

  • I don’t know but from the way they discribe the game its playstation home.

    “a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, thrill, and playfulness that will keep players entertained and engaged for years.”

    • Might be a ‘sims online’ clone.
      Remember that one?

    • There were rumors not too long ago about PlayStation home so anything is possible but I personally doubt it. Whatever they are working on it sounds very intriguing and the way Sony describes it this will be a very high-end and potentially innovative project.

    • Tyler would say a turd simulator sounds intriguing, but only if it was on PS.
      She’d hate the crap out of it if it was on box or PC.


  • This bit of news is a surprise to hear, welcome Jade and Haven Studios to the PlayStation family of studios. Hope whatever they are working on turns out to be a big hit for them.

  • Who lol . Never heard of this company

    • Google

    • That’s because they only officially formed a year ago but they are founded by the creator of Assassin’s Creed and watch dogs and many of the developers were working for Google and EA before both of those terrible publishers mismanaged and cut their projects.

      These developers clearly have been prototyping for a long time and they were likely to hit the ground running on this project. Rest assured Haven studio is a class triple A venture headed by legendary developers and residing in a true hotbed for development talent.

  • Let me guess, within a year, and having collected a very generous payday, Ms. Raymond will depart Haven, and the studio will never actually ship a title.

    Rinse and repeat for Jade.

    • LOL you are a diluted joke if you believe that.

      Because Google is such a good publisher LOL. Blame Jade Raymond for Google stadia completely abolishing all in-house development and delivering a turd of a product and essentially mismanaging and failing at every juncture.

      And of course EA is the cream of the crop because we see how they treated visceral and Amy hennig when Jade was working with her and of course battlefield is a class production right now.

      I love how everybody champions anything Microsoft does but it’s so skeptical when Sony is literally telling us they only sign these guys so early into development because the project they’re working on is so incredibly impressive that it forced them to acquire the studio. But yeah still be skeptical. I remember people saying how amazing the initiative was going to be but of course with Sony all of you sheep want to be skeptical and that’s fine because I expect it.

    • Hypocritical tyler.
      You’re the joke.

    • She’s worked on Assassin Creed, Fallout 4 and Watchdogs. I never liked any of them.

      I played the first two Assassin Creed games and that was enough for me.

  • Hey Sony, I’m from Kazakhstan. So may be you will give us our money back for ps plus that I cannot use right now? Support is not answering us! Ok u quit Russia, but what problem do u have with Kazakhstan? Why there is no any official respond on it? What we are all waiting for? What do we need to do to have psn working back in Kazakhstan ?

  • Greats news, looking forward to learn more about the game /s.

  • Excited to see the Playstation brand expand into multiplayer titles! I’m also really happy to see Jade Raymond and her team finally find a publisher that won’t disregard their hardwork (cough cough EA and Stadia)

  • I absolutely love Sony/playstation & Jade is great but the multiplayer/live-service part ruined it for me

    • We literally have no idea what this game will be. They mentioned multiplayer and co-op and an evolving world that will include fun. People here have already speculated the possibility of PlayStation home which I personally doubt but it just shows you it can literally be anything why be so negative?

      I just don’t understand when Sony wants to expand their portfolio it’s a problem but we support all other publishers when they announce free to play games and service nonsense.

    • All games should be fun.
      Goes without mentioning.
      The fact they had to mention that is odd.

  • Я так понимаю, что возмещать оплату PS+ вы нам не планируете? Ну что ж, удачи вам, палить по всем без разбора в РУ акк, приплетать сюда политику, отличная идея!

  • Sony is piling up on some amazing and quality talent. That’s how you built a legacy.

    • Kind of like the Yankees over the years huh?

      But yes Sony has organically created the best stable of developers in the industry. They didn’t have to buy the industry’s biggest publishers to do it either. They didn’t have to just hijack legendary multiplatform IP in order to actually have consistent exclusives. Luckily Sony has always known how to cultivate and build talent organically. You don’t automatically win because you have the biggest checkbook has anyone seen moneyball? If you do things the right way it tends to work out and Sony has the results to back that up.

      I love that they didn’t just acquire Haven straight off the bat but rather a year after development because it shows they were truly impressed with what they saw and how the studio was run. The fact that they have not acquired deviation tells us that they were truly impressed with Haven.

    • They don’t have the money to buy the biggest developers.

      They did hijack ip’s. They weren’t large ip’s, yet.

      PS5 does not have consistent exclusives. Look at everything going to ps4 and PC.

      Sony does not know how to build talent. The companies they acquire hire their own employees. Maybe you meant, “buy”.

      Sony does things the wrong way most of the time: single-player DRM, $70 games…. you know the rest, you’re on here all the time telling lies and fanboy shill b.s.

      You’re always wrong tyler, and your the ugliest 🤡 here.

  • Interesting CEO, Jade Raymond is doing god’s work

  • When can we get a ff7 remake style remaster of Legend of Dragoon we’ve been waiting years?

  • You have to buy ARC SYSTEM WORKS and PLATINUM GAMES !!!

    – ARC SYSTEM WORKS, in order to have a proper fighting game with the great PS franchise’s characters; and because their games are top notch
    – PLATINUM GAMES they make amazing action games with a different touch than western developers tend to develop their games; so it would be amazing to have them on board too.

    • Platinum Games just made one of the worst games this generation and I’m not sure Arc makes the style of fighting game conducive to a Playstation All Stars type experience but yes they are very talented at what they do and it’s great to have exclusive games from them on the platform already. I’m not sure an acquisition is really necessary because we already get the best of Arc systems.

    • If it was on ps, tyler would only praise it.

    • exclusive

  • And also buy FROM SOFTWARE ALREADY; before they are too big. With the twists they have introduced in the RPG genre they could create games based on beloved PS franchise of the past ….cough LEGEND OF DRAGOON REAMAKE cough…..

    • From software was probably too big after Dark Souls 3 but with the overhype and phenomenon that Elden ring is and the simple fact that Sony would either need to broker a deal or acquire the entire publisher that owns from software makes it unlikely.

      I also failed to see what incredible new innovations from software has made with Elden ring. It’s almost quite literally Dark Souls with an open world that probably isn’t even as good as the one in Oblivion 2006.

      It’s a solid Souls game but like all of these games it’s still suffers from the same exact issues and the lack of quality. I know it’s the popular thing and all the casuals are jumping in and trying to be part of something but man it gets nauseating hearing all of the fake hype. I own the game and yes I play the game and yes I regret buying it when I still have not finished the wildly Superior demon Souls remake. At least Superior in a technical and production sense. I still have Nooh 2 as well. I bought into the hype and while the game has some great qualities it just isn’t necessary when I have two equally good Souls likes to finish.

    • Guarantee – if elden ring was ps exclusive, tyler would worship the game and say ONLY positives.

  • I hope next acquisition will be

    Most Likely – from software, Kojima, Remedy, , cd project red.

    Plausible – WB games, Arc system works, Cyberconnect2, ready at dawn, Quantic Dream, platinum games, level 5, ASOBO studio.

    Not Likely – Konami IPs, Square enix, Capcom, supermassive.

    Art design- gendesign

    Support- iron galaxy studios, wushustudios

    • I would absolutely love a Konami acquisition but the problem is they have legendary IP but basically no workforce to support those IP and while it’s enticing to see Sony in charge of Castlevania and Metal Gear they already have more IP than they know what to do with.

      Kojima would be a perfect fit and I believe in acquisition would have already happened if death stranding had sold and not been trolled so heavily. If death stranding sold the way it should have originally we probably would have seen an acquisition. Rumors suggest that kojima’s next game is a PlayStation exclusive but after that there are still very strange Cloud rumors about a project with Microsoft so I doubt a Kojima acquisition is in the cards.

      Ready at dawn is owned by Facebook and quantic dream is owned by the Chinese which makes acquisitions virtually impossible.

      Sony should have made a push for from software after demon Souls but they instead insulted the game and created the separation that allowed Dark Souls to thrive. The latest that an acquisition could have actually been realistic would have been after bloodborne but Dark Souls 3 did 10 million units and every casual and their mother thinks Elden ring is great because it has an over-inflated Metacritic. That game is probably going to sell 30 million units and from software is already owned by a Japanese conglomerate. I don’t see how an acquisition is realistic.

      Level 5 should have been acquired in the PlayStation 2 days so I agree there.

      Remedy has already made a deal with the Devil so an acquisition doesn’t seem likely.

      CDPR has always aligned with Microsoft and Sony literally delisted their broken game. I don’t see that being likely at all.

      Everybody wants Platinum Games yet nobody bought babylon’s fall and it’s one of the worst rated games this year. I do think with Sony’s funding and tutelage Platinum can do great things but it’s just strange to hear this coming off of such an absolute flop.

      Iron Galaxy would be a very nice support Studio but they have never made anything worth mentioning. The one bonus of acquiring them would be getting Adam Boyes back into the fold though.

      Bokeh and Gendesign would have made sense but I think that ship has sailed and they have other deals now.

      Wasn’t cyber connect fired by Square Enix a couple years back?

      I’m not sure about Capcom but I think Square Enix is more likely than some people believe. It would cost Sony and incredible amount but the relationship they have formed with the publisher over the past few years has only gotten closer and tighter. Sony is already making a push to corner of the market on Final Fantasy. Real Final Fantasy, not garbage spin-offs and trash. I think Square Enix would be a beautiful acquisition but it’s also a long shot.

      There were rumors going around about WB recently but I think that’s even less likely than Square Enix. However, a WB Games acquisition would be phenomenal. Can you imagine all DC games, Spider-Man, and Wolverine being PlayStation exclusive? If I was Sony I would have acquired WB back in 2020 and from software either after demon souls or bloodborne. That would basically make all superhero games and souls games exclusive to PlayStation. Basically any nerd would have to own a PlayStation. WB is the move to make if it’s at all possible fiscally.

      Supermassive made one good game not including VR and they have been a bit of a mess since. Years ago they were talking about how they had several PlayStation exclusives in development and we have yet to see one since that time. Instead we just continue seeing mediocre multiplatform games that mimic until dawn but don’t do it as well. I’m actually vehemently against a supermassive acquisition and I have been for a long time because the developer thinks they are bigger than they actually are and if they want to keep making mediocre games for multiplatform let them. There are horror stories about that studio after until dawn.

    • I will say about supermassive the quarry looks better than whatever the heck that anthology was supposed to be.

  • Jade worked on my favorite Assassins Creed, the very first one!

  • Yay, new studio. Oh, a AAA multiplayer game. Nevermind. Maybe the next one.

    • Exactly. Sony should not forget about single player story driven games. It’s what got them where they are today.

  • I hope live service games just end up being a fad and passes eventually, at least we still have the strong single player games from other Playstation Studios so this news doesn’t really do anything for me but good for the studio and whoever likes live service type games.

  • We want more memorable single-player experiences not stupid brainless repetitive multiplayer trash.

  • I’m more interested in what Bluepoint Games is working on next. I heard there working on two projects.

    I think they maybe are remaking Bloodborne and more excitingly working on a brand new original game.

    I honestly think there Sonys Flagship Studio.

  • Don’t forget Single Player Games Sony.

  • I keep clear of Assassins Creed games, they way I keep clear of Michael Bay movies.

  • God I could kill for a Dead Space Remake.

    Bluepoint Games ” Hold my beer ”

  • Welcome!! Hey Sony, can you please buy Square Enix and give us a CHRONO TRIGGER remake like FFVII?!!!!!!!!

  • I truly hope PlayStation makes a new hybrid portable PS that can also play on the TV.

    Rather than having 2 detachable Joy Cons, why not have just the processor removed instead?

    You would be left with a full controller 🎮 that has a touch screen. The processor can either be plugged in the TV directly, you can still play games that supports touchscreen on the big screen.
    On top of that, the processor itself could be placed inside PS VR2 Wireless version to make it wireless.

    It’s all ideas, an hybrid design would be significantly better than just a hand-held.

    I also heard rumors of a PS5 Pro.

    Both the PS5 Pro and the New PS Portable should at the very least have both AMD Ryzen “APU” as well as some custom Nvidia GPU with Tensor Cores and DLSS if it is to compete with the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro.

    Yes, everyone would love to see DLSS on other platforms but you need those specific Tensor Cores to make it work. Intel is Laos working on Tensor Cores for their upcoming GPUs.

    So the bulk of GPU could be done on the AMD Ryzen/RDNA 2 while the Nvidia GPU could focus on DLSS (with maybe some shader cores).

    Only having AMD on a PS5 Pro version won’t be enough if we’re going to be honest. Yes, DLSS requires custom work to make it happen, but you already have a studio that ports PS games to PC that are excellent to implement such capabilities on the PS5 Pro version.

    A simple double the performance is very lackluster tbh. Bring in Nvidia on board for a custom GPU focused on tensor cores compatible with Ryzen/RDNA2 APU inside the current PS5 Pro.

    We don’t really need a PS5 Pro until 2025, from there you can extend the life cycle of the console generation up to 2028-29 before releasing the PS6.
    The technology must be worthwhile to make a substantial upgrade.
    The only way I see that is with a custom Nvidia GPU. For the PS5 Pro, we fully expect a much higher price tag. For the Hybrid handheld, it have to fit inside the 400$ish price range, having ability to remove the processor should not cost too much.
    Many handheld have both a CPU and GPU combo and doesn’t cost that much. DLSS is the only way to make the PS5 games viable on a small handheld even if it can’t rival the raw performance, the optimization will make it equal if not better.

  • Welcome to Haven Studios

  • playstation bought what to do what?

  • Good luck….but if their future projects/output is Gaas/Always online with games that won’t even boot up at all….count me out.
    I avoid spending a single cent on those types of games, much less wasting space on my Hdd for Gaas trash.

    My .02

  • These are really great news. Jade has great experience and the games she has produced or worked with are great. So I can´t wait to see what Haven Studios will come up with. But I am sure it will be a great game. :)

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