Welcoming Bluepoint Games to the PlayStation Studios family

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Welcoming Bluepoint Games to the PlayStation Studios family

Developers of critically acclaimed remakes joins the PlayStation Studios family. 

Today I’m very excited to announce that PlayStation Studios has grown again with the addition of long-time partner Bluepoint Games! From the exceptional PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls to the critically acclaimed PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus and remasters of fan favorites like Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Bluepoint has built a name for itself by creating some of the highest-quality remasters and remakes in the industry.  

With each of its projects, Bluepoint has raised the bar on console-defining visuals and gameplay, and the studio’s vast expertise in world building and character creation will be a huge plus for future PlayStation Studios properties. 

Welcome to the PlayStation Studios family, Bluepoint!  

Welcoming Bluepoint Games to the PlayStation Studios family

“We’re thrilled to have officially joined PlayStation Studios! 

Austin, Texas has been home base for Bluepoint from when we first founded the studio back in 2006 and we’re now a team of close to 70 super-talented creatives and growing. While the studio has certainly grown over the past 15 years, our cultural beliefs have remained the same- to always push the envelope and create the highest-quality games possible all while having fun doing it.  The focus on culture has been instrumental to our success and we’re excited that PlayStation Studios shares a similar culture and vision.

PlayStation has such an iconic gaming catalog and for us there’s been nothing better than to bring some of gaming’s masterpieces to new players. Becoming a part of PlayStation Studios, empowers our team to raise the quality-bar even further and create even more impactful experiences for the PlayStation community.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us throughout the years – we can’t wait to bring you more amazing games in this next chapter for Bluepoint Games!”

– Marco Thrush, President, Bluepoint Games

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  • Huh… WHO KNEW?!

  • KOTOR 2 remake please. Don’t want to wait too long after KOTOR 1 remake comes out to play KOTOR 2.

  • About time it got made official. I hear they’re making an original game next and not another remake so this should be interesting

  • Fantastic!

  • OMG so excited about this all they did was make PlayStation remasters remakes it just makes sense let’s go blue point and PlayStation had to do it for the win

  • Finally. The feelgood love story of this summer.

  • Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see what bluepoint games is working on.

  • NO ONE saw this one coming!!

  • It’s about time!!! Keep remaking those classics for PlayStation! They do it so well.

  • Glad to see this get revealed. Well, as if it wasn’t revealed unintentionally beforehand

    All that aside, this purchase definitely makes sense. Bluepoint definitely makes some quality PlayStation games and I hope their new IP is just as good!

  • New Blast Factor, please!

  • Bluepoint are good at restoration.

    But come on man

    You are not a afraid that one day you will lose Square-enix or Rockstar games or capcom ?

    The big tech eyes are on gaming business and they have trillion

    • Does Sony even have the funds to purchase a single one of them?

      So unfortunate what happened with Bethesda.

    • @ZanFear
      Yes they have
      And even if its hard for them they can invest a majority stake. Like they did with Epic games and KADOKAWA

      At least to secure those major gaming publishers

    • What can Sony do about that? They can’t stop MS buying publishers. All Sony can do is sure up their own offering, within their own means. They are betting that under the PS Studios brand all these smaller and lesser known studios will be elevated to become the giants of tomorrow.

    • Sony are the biggest gaming companies in the world as of 2021. The have made more revenue on gaming then Nintendo and Microsoft together. So o think they doing great.

    • Capcom are a family fun business, so probably wouldn’t sell, and the others wouldn’t gain anything. So it’s a bit of a non starter.

      That’s before we consider that Sony simply isn’t even close to being able to afford any of those companies (remember Microsoft makes more money yearly than the entire value of Sony, which isn’t a massive company).

  • I was beginning to worry this would never actually happen. Thank god, you got there in the end. Welcome to the family!

  • Congrats for sure.
    My hope for the studio is making a new game, maybe the next one in a franchise like The Order:1886 as it had a ton of potential that just never got expanded on.

    • YO! That is actually a great idea. I really want to see a sequel to The Order, and why not just have Bluepoint do it in-between remaking games.

    • Because Ready at Dawn are the ones that have to redeem themselves there. Imagine had the sequel been in the style of God of War and its semi open world, no loading, nature. They could keep the insane detail and have a bigger, better world and better character building so on.

      Sadly Ready at Dawn are like any studio that stops making PlayStation games, pretty much never making anything of note again. Speaking of Quantic Dream lol……….

      But let Bluepoint do whatever they want to do.

    • Ready at Dawn was bought by Facebook. They’re not gonna make any Playstation exclusives!

  • Great news! Congrats to everyone involved! :)

  • About time!

  • Fantastic news! You were already part of the PlayStation Family but glad to see it become official. Can’t wait to hear more about your next project.

  • Please remake Legend of Dragoon!!!!

  • Finally ;)

    Now please consider PSVRemaking the COLONY WARS trilogy for PS5 and PSVR2, you could even add a Multiplayer mode to it and then make an entirely new entry into the franchise later on.

    There’s almost nothing comparable on PS consoles, Space Operas are pretty much non existent.

  • Such great news! Every PS5 owner should play Demon’s Souls remake. It’s that good.

    Talk about a match made in heaven.


  • As well as the bigger future projects, I’d love to see some of the best remastered classics updated with PS5 maximising image quality.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 could probably be pushed all the way to 2160p120, or 60fps with higher levels of MSAA/EQAA.

    MGS3 and Gravity Rush are top of my most wanted for up-upgrades!

    Colour banding is still an all too common visual defect in modern SDR and HDR games. I’d like to see Bluepoint adapt something like the blue noise dithering / temporal filter by PLAYDEAD for the game INSIDE, so that it can be more easily applied to all games. Make it a PlayStation SDK feature.

    • I mean Sony doesn’t own Metal Gear Solid so they can’t just get to work on that. Konami would have to agree to do it with them

  • Congrats Bluepoint/PlayStation!

    It would be great if we could get a patch for Shadow of the Colossus that enables 60fps in the game’s 4K mode when played on PS5.

  • Does this mean elden rings will be PlayStation exclusive?

    • Bluepoint isn’t making Elden Ring so it doesn’t change anything. Elden Ring is being made by From Software and is still going to release on other platforms.

  • We’ve known for months but………. why is it significant right now to announce it?

  • Legend of Dragoon remake please!! Diehard fans across the globe, just itching for the opportunity!

  • So looking forward to Bluepoint Games’ next game!

  • Congrats to Playstation and Bluepointyour new! Thanks for breathing new life in the Demon Souls. I can’t wait to see your new IP.

  • Finally!!! welcome to the greatness


    • Okay, setting aside (for a moment) the ridiculously hyperbolic language of “traitor”, can you explain to me how someone on a different platform getting to play a game impacts your life at all? Does it somehow make your experience of playing that game worse?

      Also, Ryan and Hulst are not “betraying” anyone, they are creating more value for their shareholders WHICH IS LITERALLY THEIR JOB. You can feel however you want to feel about things, but these over the top comments have gotten out of hand, and they aren’t truly based in some concern for the brand, they’re based in a desire to keep all of your toys in your exclusive toybox. You want to know how I know? The number of people in these threads who call Bethesda anti consumer for being acquired, then without irony applaud any acquisition Sony makes. It’s laughable.

      Anyone who can say with honesty that they feel a for-profit company has somehow personally betrayed them should, among other things, stop supporting that company immediately. Then, maybe, seek help.

  • Finally! They make high quality and now an original game? Time to crack some beers!

  • Congrats! If ya get back to remakes can you please do Legend of Dragoon?…pretty PLEEEEEASE 😆


  • Legend of Dragoon! One of the best PS1 games ever.

  • Wake me up when you spend actual money and acquire Square Enix. You have zero annual RPG’s. Square is the king of them.

  • Sooooooooooooo, can we start talking about a Legend of Dragoon Remake now with Bluepoint Studios coming to the Playstation family?? It was such an amazing game back then for the first Playstation & would love to see a remaster with a similar combat system of timing it just right for all the combos & Dragoon attacks, as well as any changes that could be made to improve the combat system timing to making new combination attacks for everybody! But please no extra DLC! Would take out some of the fun of needing to buy DLC to get the most out of the gaming experience of this classic!!

  • Hey Blupoint, congrats and everything, you guys teased Legend of the Dragoon a while back. since Aspyre already got KOTOR, maybe this would be a good idea to bring back?

  • Looking forward to that Killzone Remaster :)

  • I have to say that these are great news, one of my favorite studios after Hello Games.

  • Would like to see NO remakes in the future.

  • Now we just wait for the MGS Remake announcement right?

  • Congratulations!
    Please bring Bloodborne to the PS5 with 4k and 60fps!!!

  • Congratulations!!! 🤗 For some weeks I was worried that this will not happen. I’m so glad that the playstation family grow so big this year. I’m eager to see with what new IP will bluepoint surprise us in the future. They have tremendous potential. Best wishes ☺️

  • Please remake LEGEND OF DRAGOON!!!!

  • I hope they think on remaking The Legond of Dragoon!!!

  • Welcome to the family

  • Great news , maybe they will do a god of war 1 and 2 remastered for the ps5 or something

  • That’s awesome can’t wait to what the next game will be

  • Finally :D

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