Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family

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Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family

The next addition to PlayStation Studios is a creative, ambitious team from Liverpool.

After a number of years closely collaborating on several games together, including The Playroom (PS4) and The Playroom VR (PS VR), I couldn’t be more delighted to welcome Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios family as our 15th studio! Quite a few members of Firesprite come from SIE’s Studio Liverpool and we’re thrilled to welcome them back.  

Firesprite is a creative and ambitious studio that is exceptional at building incredible experiences that truly showcase the potential of our hardware. The team’s technical and creative capabilities will be paramount to growing our stellar catalogue of exclusive games, and I think you’ll be excited for what’s to come. 

Welcome to PlayStation Studios, Firesprite! 

Today is an incredibly exciting day for Firesprite as we join PlayStation Studios with the backing of Hermen and the entire PlayStation Family. We are very much looking forward to the next part of our journey!

Firesprite, headquartered in Liverpool in the North-West of the UK, was founded in 2012 with the vision of creating games that bring new innovations to any experience we develop. The North-West is steeped in gaming history, producing many iconic developers, publishers and games such as WipEout. Many of our ‘Sprites developed and shaped titles from this era and we are very proud of those roots!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented developers and publishers across the industry and PlayStation in particular has been a friend and co-development partner for the best part of a decade, collaborating together on many exciting projects including The PlayRoom, Run Sackboy! Run and The PlayRoom VR.

PlayStation also gave us the opportunity to create our own IP, The Persistence, and we were given the creative freedom to explore, innovate, and release a survival horror game we are immensely proud of. Now, as a first party studio, we know we have the full support of PlayStation in furthering our heritage of combining creativity and technical innovation to offer some truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans.

I firstly want to thank PlayStation and their community for the warm welcome into a family of incredible creators. I’d also like to thank all of our ‘Sprites, past and present, who have helped shape the Firesprite we see today. I’m proud of the talent we have at Firesprite and you’ll continue to hear and see more from us all very soon!

We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on……we’re just getting started 😊!

– Graeme Ankers, MD of Firesprite

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  • Awesome get. The Persistence is awesome and Sony needs more studios focused on VR with PSVR2 on thew way.

    • Never played it but Ill have to check it out now!

    • My only concern is I hear this is a 250 person dev. How in the heck have they stayed in business with just “The Persistence” on their resume. I know Playroom and Playroom VR is there, but those were free titles. 250 employees is huge.

    • If you look and understand Firesprite’s CV they’ve made The Playroom, Run Sackboy Run, PlayroomVR, Air Force Special Ops Nightfall, The Persistence VR & Enhanced, for the looks of it this company knows how to get corporate funding and have shown they understand mobile and VR tech.

      Think of it like Drake and Kanye West, Drake is more popular and will get more streams for his album, but Kanye will get picked up by corporate with his music played in adverts etc ultimately making more money because he understands the business and can produce a product on demand, that’s who Firesprite are.

      Is that a good or bad analogy.

    • Very bad analogy.

  • This is great news! Looking forward to seeing the amazing games you go on to make with Playstation :) congrats to the whole team.

    • Welcome! Can’t wait to see how the games run on PC.

    • This reply is actually to ZanFear. The game will look and run better on PS5. Also not very likely to ever come to PC and if it does it’ll probably be quite a few years.

    • Games will be launching FIRST on consoles, per those at the helm of PlayStation. As long as the ports aren’t really bad (or when they’re patched), the games will look and run much better on PC. I’m saying this and I’m barely a PC gamer.

    • @ZanFear the sky is also blue and poop is brown.

  • Does that mean new game announcement tomorrow?

  • Welcome to the family

  • Yessss more Persistence type games please

  • List of new studios under Playstation
    1)Haven studio
    3)Deviation(something like that?)
    6) probably monsters(Not studio but an IP)

    • Probably monsters is the publisher who owns many studios one of them is Firewalk, Asobo sold part of their stake to embracer group so an acquisition is out the window tho 2nd party exclusives can be made,

  • Should have saved the news for showcase 😏

    • No, no, no, no, no… this is the type of news you drop here. It is only 40 minutes.

    • Nah, Xbox touts around buying publishers like the number of studios you have equals the best games. This is business, if they don’t have a game to show off, no reason to announce it with a gaming showcase. IMO Nintendo and Sony are still hiring the best talent, and so far the quality of their games speaks for themselves. This is the best way to announce an acquisition it shouldn’t be celebrated as if consolidation is good for the industry, it’s not. Thankfully most of the Playstation studios seem to be long-term partners there were doing exclusives games anyway.

  • Interesting get, give us hope they’ll bring back old studios that were closed and reformed.

  • These sort of small studio acquisitions don’t really do anything. Happy for the team, but if you really want to make headlines and long-term good will with your fans, acquire Square Enix.

    • The big ones like Square and Konami are probably way out of Sony’s reach, and it’s also a matter of whether SE would actually want to be acquired or is even open to it, which I seriously doubt they are

    • Firesprite is bigger than 80% xbox games studios (staffs headcount wise)

    • jep ore capcom

      mh + resident alone
      not to go to xbox = a killer move.

      gta = litel bit to big to sony i tink . ( hope ms never geting them excl. ore by by sony )

    • I always thought picking up Square Enix Europe would be a good acquisition for Sony, Bringing Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics under the umbrella I feel they’d be a good fit. Tomb Raider as a Playstation Exclusive franchise just seems right. I think Square Enix as a whole is just too big though, they have all the game development, plus magazines, manga, collectibles etc.. it would cost too much. As for Firesprite, interested to see what they come up with

  • Maybe it’s unlikely, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a going to be a new WipEout?

    • 9/10 ps vr 2 – ps5 game

    • It makes the most sense alright. Just look at the last Wipeout release, a simple remaster of a PS3 and Vita game and its literally the greatest current racing game for VR.

      Shame the PlayStation of today is too greedy and wouldn’t give us an awesome free PSVR update now. We’d be lucky if they would even give us a new Wipeout game.

  • Nice! Keep your gaming content rich and exciting, PlayStation. 💪🏻

  • Welcome back to the PlayStation team 😊

  • Fantastic news. Gets me very excited for PSVR 2.

  • Ironic considering wasn’t this studio formed by former Liverpool Studio devs?

  • Great!

  • 👋 Glad to be part of the family!

  • Jim Ryan & Hermen Hulst Traitors

    PlayStation Studios = NO

    Only On PlayStation = YES

  • Great stuff. Keep them coming.

  • This is great news although you wonder why Studio Liverpool was shutdown at all 9 years ago lol. You look like a studio that is great at making VR games although the kind that work well in VR or not VR. Hopefully we get something special for PS5 and PSVR2 and NOT the first headset or PS4.

    But now that you are part of PlayStation, does that mean your The Persistance FREE upgrade for PS5 will now suddenly become a 30 quid or 10 quid upgrade?

    I’m GENUINELY curious.

  • CONGRATS TO FIRESPRITE! Good luck on your future games.

    Please release the update for NVME storage. Thanks!

  • Great news! Let’s hope they make a brand new Wipeout for PS5 and PSVR2, and remaster Wipeout Omega Collection/Wipeout VR for PS5/PSVR2!

  • Quick question what is firesprite

  • Ever since Insomniac these studio acquisitions have gotten weaker and weaker….What ever happened to the Arc Systems and Bluepoint acquisitions?

    It’s hard for gamers to be excited for a dev who haven’t done ANYTHING recently.

  • Awesome news 😍…just checked the studio and their developers linkedin…they got some industry leading Dev’s from Rockstar, Naughty Dog, Ubisoft Montreal, Rocksteady, Guerrilla Cambridge and SIE Liverpool as their core and most game devs 👀

  • Fantastic! Now please Sony, re-open Evolution Studios, Zipper Interactive, and either let Firesprite develop a new Wipeout game, or re-open studio Liverpool so they handle it. Or, y’know, just create a brand new studio for that.

  • Great looking forward to more games in playroom and VR

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