Welcoming Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios family

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Welcoming Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios family

Developers of classic PlayStation hits including Returnal, Super Stardust HD, and Dead Nation join PlayStation Studios

Today I’m thrilled to welcome a new member to the PlayStation Studios family! I have been a fan of Housemarque since the studio’s early days when they introduced Super Stardust HD to PlayStation fans. Housemarque’s recent release of Returnal proves the studio is one with incredible vision, capable of creating memorable new games that resonate with our community. This addition enhances the creative force of PlayStation Studios, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Housemarque.

Welcome to the family, Housemarque!

From Ilari Kuittinen, Co-founder and Managing Director, Housemarque:

Today is a big day for Housemarque and it has been over 26 years in the making. Our strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment started with Super Stardust HD on PS3 and since then we have made arcade inspired games for all of the PlayStation platforms. With Returnal for PS5, our most recent release, our biggest foray into third-person action gaming solidified our voice and brand in the industry as delivering unique and quality player experiences.

We are so excited to finally join the PlayStation Studios family! This gives our studio a clear future and a stable opportunity to continue delivering on gameplay centric approaches, while still experimenting with new methods of narrative delivery and pushing the boundaries of this modern artform. Locally here in Helsinki, this also means that we will officially expand the PlayStation family to a growing industry hub and secure the legacy of the oldest game studio in Finland.

Finally, what this means for our fans? We at Housemarque are gamers, and we have grown from the need to perfect and tinker with facets of games that we have found most fascinating. We are also not known for shying away from running our own course and trying out new combinations. With the backing of SIE and its family of studios supporting us, we can truly grow into our place in the industry and show what Housemarque can create with no limitations. We can’t wait to show everyone what will be in store in the upcoming years, and we hope to usher in more lasting memories and exhilarating titles for the next quarter century and beyond.

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  • Housemarque has proven themselves so many times. This is so amazing to see. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what the future brings from them!

    • Housemarque has literally never made a bad game. This was a long time coming. I’ve been calling for this for years.

      I’m so happy for them. They finally have security. Returnal was their best game in my opinion and easily my game of the year.

      I’m sure they will receive more funding and manpower as well as access to all first party Studio tech. The future is so bright and Sony has such an impressive first party roster now.

      We just need to sign Blue Point and everything’s good.

    • Agreed. I still can’t believe how long they supported Super Stardust with free updates and new feature support on the PS3, PS4 and Vita. Every time a new feature was added Housemarque would be there testing the waters with a Stardust patch. 3D, 4k, VR, you name it

  • Amazing news, huge congratulations to everyone involved!!

  • Returnal is such a brilliant game, well done Housemarque and congratulations on becoming part of Sony studios family.

    • It’s about time! I’ve been a fan since Stardust and I’m excited to see what’s next!
      Congratulations, Housemarque!

  • A great day for PlayStation fans!

  • Congratulations

    • I hope the next acquisition will be…
      and Kojima.

    • Bluepoint is the next acquisition. It’s already done and they mistakenly announced it on Twitter by using the wrong image.

      I don’t foresee Remedy or Kojima being acquired any time soon. Sony has a habit of working with studios until they are essentially part of the family before making it official. Remedy doesn’t follow that track. Kojima is closer, but after their prior ownership trouble, I’m guessing they’ll want to stay independent for a while, like Insomniac did for so long.

    • Kojima is supposedly working with Microsoft/Xbox on his next game. Sony allowing a world class talent like Kojima to slip into their competitors fingers is just proof of how incompetent this management team is. Especially since PlayStation has had decades long relationship with Kojima and practically none with Xbox. Very pathetic showing but its to be expected with Ryan and Hulst in charge

    • @Fireryanhulst

      Lol real catchy name you got there. I wouldn’t call Kojima “slipping out of Sony’s hands” as being pathetic or SIE’s management being incompetent. Look at Death Stranding, that was a flop after so much hype from the time Andrew House made the announcement of a partnership between Sony and Kojima.

      Secondly, Konami gets a lot of flack from cutting ties with Kojima during the development of MGS5. But if you really followed up on that whole story, it makes sense why Konami ditched Kojima. One of the reasons in particular was the ever-increasing production cost of MGS5 and quite frankly that game was overrated and boring.

      And guess what, the same thing happened with Death Stranding. Agree or disagree, but Kojima ain’t made a good game since MGS1. Everything else has just been wack!!! In fact, a simple Google search of ‘Kojima is overrated’ bears testimony to that.

      So for me Kojima can blow Microsoft’s money while unduly enriching himself in the process. SIE works on budgets; not bonanzas, money running through hands like water and “up for grabs” stunts that Microsoft is notorious for.

      Mind you, acquiring a studio also means funding/ financing and maintaining that studio along with all its staff. Hey bro, this is MONEY and SIE’s longevity we’re talking about here.

    • death stranding was a flop? did you drink a bit while posting?

    • Remedy partnered with 505, not on PlayStation radar currently.. BluePoint has been Sony for 2cmonths now, just awaiting official announcement, but job listings for PlayStation Austin started 2 months ago.. Kojima.. maybe.. but doubtful..

    • @Chomza85

      If you don’t like Kojima games that’s fine but you’re acting as if your opinion is objective…. Kojima is one of the biggest names in gaming whether you like his games or not. Him joining Xbox after decades of partnership with PlayStation is a terrible look and only hurts Sony as a whole. Sony invested and popularized a lot of games just for Xbox to swoop in and put them in GamePass. Kingdom Hearts, Yakuza, Dragon Quest, Nier etc…Kojima would be the final nail in the coffin. You never saw this until recently, Hulst and Ryan have no clue what they’re doing and its clear as day. If I were Kenichiro Yoshida I would be disgusted at this level of carelessness.

  • Extremely happy by this news! Returnal was a phenomenal experience and will probably be my GOTY.

  • If you didn’t waste precious time on PC the PlayStation community would have a great PS5 upgrade for Horizon Zero Dawn by now. And the PS5 UI and overall experience is still very bare bones compared to the Series X. Why do we still not have SSD expansion 8 months after release? Why doesn’t PS5 have a gift game feature yet? It shouldn’t take 10 steps just to close a game, turn off the console or controller. And can we get the quick resume feature also? Idk how the PS4 UI is superior to the PS5 in almost every way….we should be moving forwards not backwards.

    • Get out of here. You don’t own a PlayStation your username isn’t even in existence it’s obviously a poor attempt at a troll account.

      PS5 has numerous features SX does not. Share Play, DualSense, built in trophy guides etc. And that all important thing…… GAMES. You know, big exclusives for our shiny new console? Waiting a year for a big exclusive is pathetic. I have never seen a new console launch and make people wait an entire year for a big exclusive. I have never seen a new console with such a pathetic lunch window.

      Go on and have fun waiting until November. Quick resume doesn’t even work with every game and it was broken at launch and well after. Enjoy your 1080p UI and XB1 controller. How exactly does a new console generation just repackaged the same old controller anyway? Old controller and no games. 12 Teraflops yet next gen games run no better than PS5. And where’s the 3D audio like we have in returnal and Ratchet & Clank?

      Pretty damn good acquisition by Ryan. We have Forbidden West in a few months, I can live without an update on Zero Dawn.

      Enjoy your SX. Let me guess… Gamepass? What was the last new triple a you got on Game Pass? Outriders? Enjoy. 🤡

    • Hey Tyler Durden1 chill out, I’m not a big Xbox guy. Nor am I saying the Series X is better because its definitely not. I like PlayStation way more, I know Xbox launch was awful and pitiful but my point is that the PS5 UI has a lot of work to do. And they can take some nice features from Xbox to improve it from us. Sony has no problem copying Microsofts awful ideas like paid online, PC ports, and cloud. So they shouldn’t have any problem copying the few good things that they do. I also dont care for GamePass and hope Sony never goes down that road.

    • Oh yeah Tyler Durden, I just made this account to comment on the blog. I don’t want to use my main account because they might ban me, can’t be too sure. So far I’ve bought most of their new games but I’m not buying anymore until they clearly communicate to us their PC strategy. I refuse to buy a game day one just so it could instead be played for cheaper and better quality on PC not long after.

    • It’s Jim Ryan making “priority” decisions. He’s proven himself as a terrible leader for Playstation gamers. There are a few petitions out there. 😉

    • Yes HerbalSticky, refer to my name and other comment. Ryan and Hulst have been god awful for PlayStation and I hope they get fired ASAP. They lie to us and take advantage of our trust for profit…

    • Also there’s still no VRR, Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos.

    • Yes I forgot those, also no 1440p support. PS5 has some cool stuff but the simplest things are missing….and without any real explanation as to why

    • No 1440 support because the majority of console owners don’t game on a monitor. They need to prioritize what most consumers use then the rest will follow.

    • I’m thinking there will be some UI updates to come with the next major update. That being said I think the UI is just fine. It is super simple and smooth. Also 1) Tap the PS button. 2) Scroll laterally to the power icon. 3) Tap X. 4) Select from Rest mode, Restart or Turn Off. 4 steps is all it takes.

    • Majority of console gamers didn’t game on a monitor last gen because most games were 30fps. But now there are a lot of 120FPS games coming out for PS5 and a 4k 120hz tv is much more expensive than a 1440p 120hz monitor. Especially with Sony trying to move into e sports. There’s zero reason to not have it when the competition does. Also 4 Steps is 3 too many… PS4 was hold down the PS button and all the options were right there. Simplicity is good and the PS5 UI is the opposite of simple…

    • most pc gamers don’t even use 1440p as it is non uniform and uncommon.

    • @ iamtylerdurden1 – Wait…you defending ryan and hulst?…cuz that comment sure sounded like it.If yes damn you may be the biggest Sony fanboy I’ve ever seen.

  • Exciting news. Housemarque has consistently delivered amazing titles for rogue like genre fans and now under the banner of Playstation Studious, with all the help and support from Sony at disposal, I can only imaging and anticipate the experience that they will deliver in coming days. This is a good day.

  • If you didn’t waste precious time on PC the PlayStation community would have a great PS5 upgrade for Horizon Zero Dawn by now. And the PS5 UI and overall experience is still very bare bones compared to the Series X. Why do we still not have SSD expansion 8 months after release? Why doesn’t PS5 have a gift game feature yet? It shouldn’t take 10 steps just to close a game, turn off the console or controller. And can we get the quick resume feature also? Idk how the PS4 UI is superior to the PS5 in almost every way….we should be moving forwards not backwards.

  • Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾

  • Been a fan of Housemarque since Dead Nation. So glad they are now part of Sony Studios family.

  • great news, congratulations to the team and thanks again for this incredible banger of a game!

  • It’s about time. Thought this would never happen.

  • By the way I tried out XCloud today and the experience was not great….If Microsoft is struggling to deliver in a field they’re already established and well versed in what makes you guys think you could well….? Instead of wasting time and money trying to deliver a subpar and inconsistent cloud experience how about investing in a new portable device? Switch is on track to outsell the PS4, showing the portable market is much larger than the niche cloud market could ever hope to reach. The Switch isn’t even a good console/handheld compared to the Vita. With proper support and exclusives you could easily have more success than the PSP. Nintendo without almost any AAA 3rd party support is bringing in more profit than Xbox…Please rethink this route you guys are going down.

  • Man this is some good news. Better late then never. Well done.

  • I haven’t gotten a PS5 yet, but Returnal will probably the first game that I will play on my PS5. It looks interesting and unique and fresh and more importantly an action rouge-like game like the Nier series which I will do another re-run on the PS4 versions on the upcoming winter sales. Congratulation to Housemarque on the acquisition, and I hope the studio will have more financial support from Sony to do more fresh and unique IPs in the future.

  • So Microsoft gets Bethesda and we get this and maybe bluepoint games…..yeah

    • Maybe u forgot Insomniac a couple years ago?

      I’ll take Insomniac, Housemarque, Blue Point over Bugthesda.

      Returnal is a better game than anything Bethesda released in the past few years and maybe all of last gen.

      I’ll take Sony’s first party roster over Microsoft’s everyday.

    • Agree 1000%. These gamers don’t look at the grand scheme of things. We lack 1st party RPGs especially on an annual level. Why are they spending a few hundred million on small devs rather than a few billion on a sure thing like Square.

    • Both Housemarque and Bluepoint are excellent studios.

    • honestly I think Bethesda games has gone downhill. Last one I played was fallout 4. I mean we will see what the new games are like but Sony first party by far is so much better

    • LMAO people like you are the exact type of blind ignorant that know nothing about games and makes the PS community go down the abyss.In what dimension you live that bethesda is better than Housemarque?…must be one dimension where crappy tech and buggy games prevail over quality and top-notch gameplay design.Jesus Christ!!

  • Nice.

    John Earwig

  • BIG W Congratulations to everyone from Housemarque welcome to the PlayStation family I can’t wait to see your game in the future

  • Congrats! Glad you’re part of the families after bringing so many great games to Playstation!

  • Awesome to finally see this happen!

  • This is great news. Oh what a glorious day

  • Congrats for housemarque!

  • We all expected it, but it’s finally official. After many years Sony have finally put a ring on it. I expect great things from this duo in the years to come. Welcome to the family Housmarque.

  • Great get for Sony! Really wanted and in some way kinda expected Sony to acquire housemarque after they showed their talent with their very first AAA venture turning out so well. Not that I’m not a fan of their past arcadey games. Hope they make a few of those in addition to AAA games.
    Now carry on with the acquisitions Sony!

    • Now please turn your attention to housemarque Finnish neighbors, Remedy. You know it makes too much sense!

  • As the prophecy foretold.

    Excellent news though. Really glad this studio is secure and has permanent backing behind it now.

    • Nothing is permanent, sooner or later Sony will shut them down.

      Back in the 90s Sony bought Psygnosis, one of the hottest studios at the time which gave the PS1 a number of hits, most noticeably the Wipeout series. Fast forward 2 decades and Sony shut them down.

      And over the years they shut down plenty of other studios as well, most recently the Sony Japan Studio 3 months ago.

    • @Alestes Yup, nothing will last forever. And more specifically, this is a business, and anything will get shut down if it isn’t profitable anymore.

    • That’s called business…

      It’s unfortunate but when you’re 30 years in the game you are bound to shut down a few Studios.

      And to be honest they didn’t completely abolish Japan Studios. And as unfortunate as it was losing much of SIE Japan it has at least strengthened Asobi as a legitimate individual first party studio with more funding and manpower.

  • OMG…! So happy to see this… Awesome, Housemarque has proven with Returnal they are now a triple A game maker, and PlayStation gamers are so happy to have y’all… Can we please get Photo-Mode now, please…

    And if your not too busy already, please get to work on Returnal II because we need that so bad… Love Returnal, just beat it a few days ago, and I loved the game, so Awesome that I can’t even find nothing to play now, because nothing is matching the fun I had in that game…

    Please announce something, like DLC or Gold guns with new powers and increased fire rates or New bosses for a side quest challenge or something, never have I wanted to give a game company money and there is nothing to buy, I’m dying here… LoL -Anyway Love you Housemarque and look forward to Returnal II which I think y’all should start working on Right Now…

    • Agreed.

      I would buy any DLC/expansion for Returnal without even seeing a trailer. The game is so good I will happily throw money at anything they want to add.

      Returnal is the best next-gen game I have played.

  • congratulations!

  • Congratulations to the HMQ team! Returnal was such a pleasure to play and I am 101% confident that they will be a great addition to the PS Studios family!

  • Love this and more to come!

  • This acquisition is a very welcome and long overdue move. Speaking of long-overdue acquisitions, Bluepoint Games, Quantic Dream, and Sumo Digital acquisitions need to happen as well. Basically, anything XDEV should become internal and XDEV resources should help build up new external studios.

    • XDEV is the unsung hero of Sony.

    • I don’t think you realize how large Sumo Digital is. I don’t think Sony will be buying them. Same goes for Quantic Dream as Sony probably wasn’t fond of studio culture reports that came out

    • Sumo digital is hit or miss. Look at their history.

    • Quantic Dream were already bought by Tencent, no?
      And, 3 years after the launch of Detroit Become Human and not a screenshot of their next project.
      They are too busy downgrading their game engine for Switch, Xbone and series s lol.

  • Congrats to Housemarque!

  • Awesome. Really loved Returnal!

  • Congratulations, I wish Remedy wold join you someday, if they would want to, of course!

  • Awesome! Can we get some official Returnal merch now?

  • And the most ironic thing about this is, now that they are finally officially part of PlayStation……….. or the PlayStation of today I should say, more than EVER of their will come to PC.
    More games then when they were independent and making mostly PlayStation exclusive games lol. THAT is the problem with the brass running PlayStation at the moment.

    • I meant,
      more than ever of their games will come to PC.

    • I completely agree. When is Sony going to tell the people their PC strategy like Xbox/Phil did years ago. I’m not buying anymore games day 1 until they do. And I recommend other hard core fans do the same

    • They’re porting Ps4 games that are basically free on playstation right now. Why not make more money and invest in expensive future projects for Ps5?

    • Because it wastes PlayStation studios’ time that they should be putting into their NEXT game.
      Days Gone wasn’t worthy of a sequel, according to Sony, so let’s waste at least 6 months of Sony Bends time porting over, the supposed failure, to PC.

      Horizon Forbidden West development only went into 5th gear last January after 7 months of Guerilla’s time and resources being wasted on the ALREADY released PC port.

      This is the one thing I didn’t want to happen with this PC Playstation stuff and it 100% came to fruition.

    • Bringing PS games to PC is a win for everyone. You wait til after you’ve sold all the console’s the title will move, and every PS4/5 owner that wants the title has picked it up. Then you port it years later for free money and get some PC players interested in PS Studios games. Then when the sequel comes out they might buy a PS5 to play it. Plus the devs get more money for work they already completed. It’s a win win win. If you love a game so much, why would you be upset that more people get to enjoy it. People that get upset about PC ports of PS games just sound ridiculous.

    • @andrewsqual
      The ports are handled by other studios, look into it.

  • Congratulations!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Brilliant news. Well deserved. Really look forward to what they manage to do with Sony’s full support.

    Also would love it if Returnal got an auto-save system. Hades manages it without allowing save scumming, it doesn’t have to change the vision but would allow those whoa re time poor or have families who also use the console to play the game too. x

  • Hmm..okay. But this won’t change anything for consumers. Housemarque was already making PlayStation console-exlusive games anyway.

  • Im not a big fan of Returnal but these guys do know how to make quality with what they have! Fine choice and can’t wait to see them go higher in quality!

  • Been hoping to see this for a long time. I’ve played every Housemarque game going back to Super Stardust HD (the first game ever with trophies) and have loved every single one of them. Can’t wait to see what they do with the full first-party support behind them.

  • The PC community is laughing at you, they ridicule your games, platform, and users for years just to be nicely rewarded. All the while the people who’ve supported you since the beginning are being lied to and taken advantage of. This giant cloud of uncertainty has been looming over PlayStation since Ryan and Hulst were promoted.

  • Good, Blue Point Games and a few others, like Kojima Productions should join the PlayStation family as well.

  • Jim Ryan & Hermen Hulst = Liar Traitors

  • A match made in heaven. Great job Housemarque. Great job Sony. More great games to come with this combination.

  • Finally! Congrats to Housemarque! So glad they have been scooped up by PS Studios. Can’t wait to see what Housemarque come up with next. Still going for the Returnal Plat! Going to also give Nex Machine a try next. Love the gameplay of Housemarque games.

  • Beastly move indeed, Sony! Meanwhile, LBOX acquires hackneyed developers such as Bugthesda.🔥 💪🏻👊🏻

    • I get the sentiment, but Bethesda isn’t just a developer. They’re a publisher. That means MS got Arkane, id Software, Machine Games, Tango Gameworks and ALL their IP. They also got the supply/distribution chain of a major publisher. Don’t discount what this purchase has done for them.

    • They got more studios but pretty much all of them haven’t actually made a good game in years (or decades) and just churn out tired sequels over and over.

      With Tango Gameworks, it’s a bit terrible as they’re a Japanese developer. Which will really suck when they are stuck on a console no one in Japan cares for.

  • We all knew it was gonna happen eventually. Talk about taking your sweet time Sony.

    Congrats Housemarque. Especially because this means financial security and a bright future ahead for the studio. After them declaring the “death” of arcade games, only to then sneakily release a true Housemarque-esque arcade game that they warped with a thrid person game and a compelling narrative in the form of Returnal, it’s great that the studio managed to overcome the challenges they were facing and end up coming out on top. Like with Insomniac and Spider-Man I assume that the studio had a lot riding on Returnal so it’s great to see it paid off in more than one way. Here’s to you Housemarque.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind Super Stardust 4K, to celebrate you know, juuust saying… Ok, I’ll see myself out then….

  • Housmarque done a good job with Returnal. I’m wery happy with the news. Well done and congrats. Welcome to the family.

  • Welcomed to the PlayStation family. You have always given top notch games and we know that u will continue to do so especially being part of the PlayStation family. Welcome home guys and we can’t wait enough to see ur next project 🔥

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