Moss Adds New Twilight Garden Update, Out Today on PS VR

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Moss Adds New Twilight Garden Update, Out Today on PS VR

Quill embarks on a brand-new adventure, featuring new environments, new challenges, and someone you may recognize.

Hello! Today, we’re bringing the Twilight Garden — a free update and brand-new chapter of Moss — to the PS VR community. Having launched Moss nearly a year and a half ago, the Twilight Garden is an answer to every fan who can’t wait for more Moss.

The Twilight Garden is an all-new adventure that runs alongside Quill’s incredible journey through the original storyline of Moss — a complementary experience to the main game. This new chapter introduces additional environments, challenges, and story for new and returning players to experience.

So, really… what’s new? Well, first you’ll discover strange portals woven throughout the existing game. These magical gateways will transport you and Quill to the Twilight Garden, a place unlike any you’ve seen in Moss thus far.

The strange and vibrant garden is adorned with Sprite artifacts, making it clear you’re somewhere special that is rarely (if ever…) visited by outsiders. Here you’ll reunite with the familiar toad character from your previous meeting with Rootseer Vada and the Sprites, and you’ll also encounter a mysterious presence that will prepare you for the dangers ahead.

The toad may not trust you at first, but there’s a good chance he’ll turn around as you best the challenges and prove your worth. And as you get to know him, you’ll realize he is alive, and players will have fun feeding him dragonflies, initiating a staring contest, annoying him, and ultimately departing with a cool fist bump.

And as a reward for overcoming the challenges within the garden, Quill will receive a new, magical gauntlet and armor set. With the new look, she’ll possess the ability to reveal hidden pathways, allowing her to traverse to areas otherwise unattainable.

Along with the new armor set, the guiding presence within the garden will gift Quill a new sword, allowing her to modify her attack style, making it more directional and allowing for rapid, successive attacks. With the new sword, you’ll observe that Quill’s attacks are more fluid, a testament to her growing skill in combat. In fact, this new weapon handling skillset transfers to Quill’s base sword as well. Enjoy!

Additionally, the sword offers more than a new directional attack style of combat, as you can empower Quill’s new sword with a magical energy charge which enables her to reach far away targets. We love this mechanic and can’t wait for you to try it out.

But, if you want to continue outside of the Twilight Garden with Quill’s signature green gauntlet and sword, we’ve given you the ability to equip Quill with your preferred weapon and armor. Now, players who enjoy using our screenshot mode (right-thumbstick-press while in the game menu) will be able to snap a picture of Quill with their preferred look!

We’re so thankful for you all and hope that with the release of the Twilight Garden, we’ve given you a reason to re-explore Quill’s world and renew your excitement for what is still yet to come.

Thank you.

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  • Absolutely adored Moss, one of the reasons I felt 2018 was VR’s, especially PSVR’s, “coming out” year. Got to admit, I was a bit jelly when this was a Quest exclusive.

  • PSVR is phenomenal. In the past year it has had better exclusives than the entire Xbox One.

    Astro Bot
    Tetris Effect
    Blood & Truth
    The Persistence
    Wipeout VR
    Everybody’s Golf VR
    Zone of the Enders

  • Started a new no death playthrough (what an aweful trophy!) last night to find the portals. Very cool way to expand the game from within! Can’t wait for Moss 2 on PS5 powered PSVR!

  • Nice. It will be nice to return to Moss for a new adventure

  • One of the best games available on PSVR. If you don’t own it yet grab it while it’s on sale. Can’t wait for Moss 2 Team!

  • Fantastic game, we need more games with Mice as main characters.

  • By far the most amazing VR game I’ve let to play.

    Now enter the new content. I find the first portal, enter, accidentally die, and now I can’t respawn at all. I restarted the checkpoint and still can’t play the new content. I just can’t respawn on the other side of the portal. It acts as if I’m on the other side and when I try and move, it just teleports me back to the main room.

    Either I’m missing something or the QA for this game seriously missed something.

    • That happened to me, but the second portal. Don’t remember dying, but just wouldn’t respawn no matter what I did. I ended up deleting my game and game data to force a download of the update file again.

      Yes, I had to replay the game as everything was gone, but it’s such a great game I didn’t mind.

  • This is great news…even though I would have loved to pay for this expansion! …Big fan of “vote with your wallet” because Polyarc| created a mighty fine VR game here.

  • This is great, A big THX @ Polyarc Games. :-)

  • okay, so i updated my moss game and started a new game, but I don’t see any new content….how do I get this new twilite garden to load???

    Please help, I ve been waiting so long for new Moss material!

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