Share of the Week: Gran Turismo 7

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Share of the Week: Gran Turismo 7

Gearheads and shutterbugs unite behind the wheel.

Last time, we asked you to get behind the wheel of Gran Turismo 7 and share your best shots from the track using #PSshare #PSblog. Here are this week’s highlights:  

TheFourthFocus shares the moment they inched past another car across the finish line.

JonPSindies shares driving off into the desert sunset.

Xenolith3D shares a dreamy moment above the clouds.

Photoingame parks their car amongst the sand dunes.

ZEBRA_GT7 drives through a patch of cherry blossoms.

AjGamingPics1 turns a corner mid-race.

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THEME: In Motion
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on March 23, 2022

Next week, we’re kicking things into motion. Share moments where your character is moving or mid-action using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • Remove the always online requirement for the single player campaing. This is unacceptable, specially with the recent problem that restricted access to the game for more than 30 hours

    • +1

    • “What happened, Sony? You used to be cool” – ArsTechnica

    • @tempsuspenders What happened alkalinetp, you used to be able to be the first comment all the time.

      You’d think that hanging around the PlayStation Blog all hours of the day (you know “PlayStation” right, that thing you devote WAAAAY to much of your life to but for all the wrong reasons lol) would give you the edge on pulling this off.

      Come on, where is that insane troll spirit gone? You used to be cool.

      BTW, what happened your alkalinetp account and how long do you think it will take the mods to wake up and ban your newest one tempsuspenders?

    • “PS4 disc-based games don’t need to be connected online to play’ THUNDEROUS DEAFENING APPLAUSE,” The PlayStation Twitter account wrote at the time.”

      “Perhaps folks can understand why I’ve been against online DRM in games/hardware,” wrote Digital Foundry’s John Linneman. “There are many other games and hardware which are tied to server connectivity that may not always be there.”

      “Developer and retro game YouTuber ModernVintageGamer was more succinct: “F**k DRM.”


    • “After initially denying claims made by former employee Emma Majo in her PlayStation sexism lawsuit, Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially acknowledged the fresh round of allegations made by eight more women who lent credence to Majo’s claims. As reported by Axios, Sony’s lawyers have said that the company takes the new allegations “seriously” but they’re still adamant that Majo doesn’t have adequate proof of her complaints.”

      “Zarmena writes… A whopping eight women stepped forward to back up Majo’s claims, and some of them included proof that they had raised the issue of rampant sexism at the time of their employment. In light of this, it doesn’t bode well for Sony to continue dismissing Majo’s allegations and simply “acknowledging” the others. The company claims it has addressed some of the new allegations without anything to show for it. This response and Sony’s insistence on having the case thrown out of court is disheartening at best.”

    • ☝️

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  • Remove the always online requirement for the single player campaign

    • You can still play arcade mode but obviously it’s limited.

    • I already miss the last generation, where Microsoft tried to tout a future where games required an Internet connection to play, and Sony stood up and said that was absurd.

      Yet, here we are. Servers go down and your game is neutered.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 it’s not even arcade mode, more like demo mode. Because no progress were saved and no reward. Even the music rally progress won’t save if you’re online. I’ve experienced it during the BIG- SERVER-DOWN several days ago. I was doing music rally and obtain gold, but when the game finally connects, voila, no progress were saved.

  • How do i submit a photo?

  • I have to say, the always online and nerf to the credit system after the update seems unnecessarily hostile. This is a $70 game I pad for and now you expect me to sink more time into the game in order to earn enough credits for the expensive list of cars.

    This is deeply saddening to what seemed like a fair launch. Incredibly disappointed in these lated moves.

    • Happy 25th anniversary

    • Up until now I think the game was worth every penny and it’s probably the best racer I’ve ever played.

      Hopefully the servers get fixed and I will actually wait to play the game to see how the supposed CR change impacts my playthrough.


      It definitely is a magical 25th anniversary because this is probably the best Gran Turismo ever made. The car models in the physics and the pure driving and the audio and the dual sense implementation and the fact that it’s a robust game on day one but will receive tons of free content. The fact that industry leading sport mode will continue to evolve and be an example for multiplayer racing industry-wide. The sheer fact that they’re literally is nothing that even comes close to how this game feels. Game is amazing. And it’s very easy and obvious to take shots right now with the servers but even if this problem didn’t occur people were still trolling the game based on virtually nothing. In fact most of the criticism wasn’t even about MTX it was fake news. People will trash anything Sony even if there is no problem.

      Definitely an amazing 25th anniversary and they just added 75 more songs. I’m pretty excited about the fact that polyphony came out and said the game will be supported continually with free modes, free cars, free tracks, and more.

      I’m very happy with my 25th anniversary steelbook edition. Wonderful anniversary indeed.

    • @iamtylerdurden1 You don’t have to actually reply to that account. Its just alkalinetp with another troll PSN account created on their phone.

      They don’t even have a PlayStation console to create the account on. The saddest part is, I called them out on it the same day it first posted while stalking the PS Blog all day as per usual lol. It was so obviously the same clown.

    • 🤡

  • Be good if we could get on the game to take any imagery! 30+ hours is downtime. Nerfed the credit rewards by 50% for most races. Disgusting.

    Oh and yeah, make the entire game playable offline. £70 for a game I can not play when either my internet goes down, or Polyphony decide they want to further kick us up the a$$.

    Attempting to force players in to buying credits instead is just another kick in the nads. Happy 25th Anniversary loyal GT gamers, now gives us all your cash beeeetches.

    • Happy 25th Anniversary

    • 🎉 | 😞

    • @tempsuspenders Hi alkalinetp and your new troll account.

      There were 0 outages before this and you still hated the game, with every fibre of your pathetic soul, long before there were reasons to. So what difference does it with your opinion of the game now?

      But please, keep hating PlayStation all day while letting them waste your life away as you desperately stalk the PS Blog waiting for posts….. and yet you still fail to reply first 99% the time lol.

      Of course you would though, you are on year 8 of waiting for Xbox to release a significant, industry, changing game.
      The next biggest thing you have to look forward to is the 2 year anniversary of the 100% outsourced CG debut trailer of the new Fable hahaha.

  • How did they take the pictures since the always online game was offline for most of yesterday?
    Also do we need to buy the cars with real money so we can avoid the grind that you just made worse?

    • Um…

      Pictures have to be submitted by 12:00 p.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The server issue started I believe on Thursday. So you do the math on how people were able to submit pictures Friday through Wednesday lol.

      If you play the campaign you will get probably over 100 cars easy. There are a very select amount of super and or antique cars that will be mostly unobtainable but otherwise there really shouldn’t be an issue getting cars unless you need every car in the game. It’s pretty easy to get spins and free cars just by playing the game naturally.

    • But if you need every antique car and you must have a Lamborghini Veneno then yes the grind will be significant.

      It’s kind of the point though. There are certain cars that are supposed to feel special if you earn. You’re not supposed to have 420 cars the first week you play. You are supposed to play the game over a period of years and pick and choose what you want to purchase with the CR you earn naturally. The game is going to be supported like GT Sport was with free content for several years. This is a long-term play. And that doesn’t even include sport mode which will stay relevant and be supported in the same way. If you beat the campaign and you get your daily spins and you invest in competitive multiplayer like the Nations and manufacturers cups. If you ride with the game over the years and enjoy the free content and crazy support I’m sure you will have hundreds of amazing cars but nobody is intended to have every car. That just isn’t the point of the game go play Forza.

    • The pre-order bonus alone gave you three high end cars and free CR.

      The Porsche that was included in the pre-order bonus I believe is a million dollar supercar.

    • What do you think about always online DRM, tyler?

      How do you feel about the grind for money and how cars cost up to 8 times more Real money than previous GT?

    • Oh, and Polyphony’s shady excuses?

      If the sell only 4 $2m MicroT’s, they’ve made $10 more than the cost of 1 gt7 on ps5.


    • Yah, difficult questions for someone completely bias.

  • Best racing game out

  • I want a refund for your bad unjust business practices. I thought you were better than this. :(

  • Won’t buy the game until you remove “always online” and the super heavy grind for earning ingame money. But let’s be real here, Sony doesn’t care anymore. All they care about is greed. I’m so disappointed in Sony. It’s getting worse with every anouncement.

    • They really are. It all started with the nonsense “Update from Sony” post from June last year where they actually revealed GT7 and God of War Rqagnorak to be PS4 games too (a year after the former’s debut), a post led by Herman Dulst himself.

      Its like Jim Ryan and Hermen Hulst want to strip the incredible name and fame of their top studios to shreds one by one.

    • Happy 25th

  • Looks cool but I’ll wait til it’s cheaper or the drm is removed. Was really looking forward to getting this game sooner than later too.

  • Please have a serious rethink of the monetisation strategy for GT7.
    You need to at least revert race rewards to pre 1.07 levels but honestly they need to be increased across the board. The core game itself is brilliant but the need to grind for a tiny amount of credits is going to stop me from playing. I’m a huge fan of the series having bought every game but the latest patch makes me want a refund.

  • Tone deaf post here. Finally, the days of PlayStation dismissing and treating their loyal fanbase like rubbish has come back to bite them here, and rightfully so. So bad is their management at the moment, they fail to realise their exclusives are what make their brand, and surrendering these to always online and PC will lead to a further decline. Look at what the Andrew House, Jack Tretton, Shawn Layden did at the back end of the PS3 and most of the PS4 generation, that is what makes you such a successful brand.

    Simply put, the only way to salvage reputation regarding GT7 are refund options for anyone who wishes for it, and putting it on the PlayStation Plus service for next month, even as a bonus game with an elongated offering.

    You cannot keep treating your fanbase the way you have, it is unsustainable. And remember, your fanbase has a healthy contingent of not just first party gamers, but gamers of Japanese games. Because, you know, Sony is Japanese?

    • Additionally, you really need to look into acquisitions of companies like Square Enix / Sega. Companies synonymous with PlayStation that bring major intellectual property to the PlayStation brand.

    • And you can buy plastic skins for the side mirrors for $17k.

  • Online only drm garbage

  • Why is there a new gt game it is exactly the same as the others

  • I really like this game but PlayStation to rethink these predatory mtx’s. Releasing a full priced $70 game with mtx’s is questionable already IMO. What you did next though is just predatory and shady. Wait for the reviews get all that positive press and then nerf the in game money made. Knowing full well it’s going to cause a lot of people to spend money they might not have spent otherwise. It’s gross and I hope people are finally fed up with your greedy tactics. Metacritic user score sitting at 2.3 lowest PlayStation user score ever. You’re not getting review bombed either, these are legitimate concerns you need to address.

  • Do you want a refund?

  • Your greed will kill everything you touch.

    You ruin another game Sony shame on you, critically people say you won’t be around in 10 years due to your greed, live service trash. And failure to check games before publishing l, zero game testing eh?

    Not only is the new one a disgrace yet you take grand toruismo sport offline too.
    Like that’s live service.
    Weres the lawyers to jump on this.

  • Why is my comment invisible when I visit this blog post without being logged in?

  • There’s clearly an angry mob in the rating world 😅. But clearly many lacks patience, including myself.
    Kazanori Yamauchi himself apologized for the unexpected server being down and even spent his time explaining briefly what happened, in the end he did not risk it all so the customers/players/us, would not Lose their saved files. That itself should give the guy credit and he also asked the dear folks/readers to b patient and hopefully will be in that long line of process in the game to show u what he has in store for u, but it needs patience and time. The game sure has some few bugs, but again what game doesn’t?
    Even cyberpunk u guys roasted the hell out of the devs 😅n the game is still cool. Patience guys, patience….thats what we lack
    If you are an old gamer since a disk needed to install and setup, u should thank God u don’t have to look for Soundblaster no more😅 believe me, two days down server is better than not able to get Ur money back or get ur hardware fixed like ol times. 😅 At least there’s an update now 😂

    • No, I still think cyberpunk is garbage, even if there were no bugs.
      What was wrong with soundblaster audio cards? They made my z2300 sound insane.

  • Before I begin my time behind the wheel I’m check how much it cost for the championship

  • Stop nerfing the payouts!! you will NEVER get me to pay real money for pretend cars in this game NEVER!!

  • “Pay has no limits”

  • I encourage people to write a review a on Metacritic and share their experience with the game!

  • Until the changes are brought about to remove DRM, give reasonable race rewards at reasonable prices, Sony should not expect us gamers to participate in MTX in this or any other game. I am personally removing it until these issues are addressed. It is not unreasonable for us to demand this. We’ve already paid for the game. We gamers have to remember that the power lies with us. If we participate, we give license to Sony and Polyphony to do this or worse. This goes for any other developers out there who are out there and thinking about the appalling road Sony and Polyphony have taken. We need to deter them with our actions and protest this by keeping our money out of their greedy little hands.

    • I think they were initially going to release this as f2p for plus. That’s probably the reason for the delay – switch to full release.

  • Quite ironic really that at the top of the forum Playstation tell us “Don’t Be A Jerk”…. Well back at you SONY, that’s exactly what you are…

    Remember these Playstation slogans…. “Play Has No Limits” and “For The Players”?
    Well what they should say is… “Play Has Limits” and “For The Payers”…

    I despise this outrageous MTX format with a passion and will not support the game.

  • Previou post does not show unless I’m logged in.

    Shadow banning post calling you out for the quality of your product and predatory practice with the payouts in Gran turismo not a good look. It shows sony is tone deaf to criticism. This is will be brought up on the gaming site’s boards.
    My .03

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