Introducing “Frontiers,” No Man’s Sky’s 17th free update

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Introducing “Frontiers,” No Man’s Sky’s 17th free update

Explore procedurally generated alien settlements, learn their stories, and help them develop thriving communities.


On August 9, the 5th anniversary of our PlayStation launch, we teased our 17th update, Frontiers. Today, we are pleased to let players see what we’ve been working so hard on.

It’s a huge update, with a focus on improving base building and introducing occupied settlements on planets.

Introducing “Frontiers,” No Man’s Sky’s 17th free update

Planetary settlements

Clusters of pioneering aliens have banded together to build planetary settlements. These little communities, bustling with life and promise, can now be found on all inhabited planets across the galaxies.

Found your own settlement

Submit your management credentials to become overseer of a settlement, rename it, and assume leadership over its citizens. The settler population will look to you for town planning, treasury management, policy decisions and conflict resolution. Every settlement is procedurally generated, with unique buildings, neighbourhood layouts, colour schemes, and interior and exterior decoration.

Help settlements grow

Ungoverned settlements start off small and modest, with a sparse population and only a few buildings scattered around their town centre. Provide resources to construct new buildings and transform your ramshackle collection of dwellings into a flourishing town!

Resolve citizen disputes

Settlement life is not always harmonious! As overseer, you will occasionally be called upon to help resolve disagreements between settlers. Fair and compassionate judgements will result in happier citizens!

Hundreds of new base parts

Construct your own settlement-inspired bases with a huge array of new base parts. New structural sets of timber, stone and alloy pieces create a tremendous range of possible building shapes. Over a hundred new decorative parts create all-new ways to add personal character to bases.

New expedition season

This community adventure has a different feeling from previous expeditions. Travellers will begin their journey with a technologically unique starship, featuring an advanced waveform engine and powerful frameshift catapult.

Breathtaking nebulas

Interstellar clouds have gathered in deep space to form spectacular multi-coloured nebulas, making space skies more beautiful than ever.

Enhanced effects

Almost all of the game’s visual effects have been revisited, revamped and improved. Weapons and explosions feel much more punchy and add a new visceral element to combat.

Base building improvements

Introducing a clean, minimal, contextual HUD to place, scale, rotate and recolour base parts. See all your building parts in an easy-to-parse grid. You’ll notice some you forgot about! You can now pick up and move base parts you’ve placed, duplicate parts, or build impossible new structures in free place mode.

Twitch campaign

Coming soon, another round of in-game No Man’s Sky rewards will be available to earn by watching streamers play the game on Twitch.

Frontiers represents another major milestone in the No Man’s Sky journey and we’re thrilled that PlayStation players the world over continue to be absorbed by the ever-evolving universe that we have created.

Our journey continues.


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  • I still need to seriously put time into NoMansSky. I haven’t put any time into the new games I’ve gotten on Playstation that are still relatively new to me since I’ve got in them for a little bit just for a tiny 1st impression.

    I’m really happy for the devs at Hello Games really improving this game In sorry I obtained it very late in the game and not at launch even knowing it had growing pains issues but at least then I had more time and look what it’s become: a visual and exploration masterpiece that I’m sure will be talked about for yrs to come. plus it has a catchy title so how could it not be talked about in future yrs to come?

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  • I see this and go “great, I’m going to jump back in!” Then, I get to the menus and have no idea of where to start!! The game is almost toooo big! Please can you supply a starters guide for noobs? As I would love to get involved! Thanks Sean.

  • When is frontiers dropping for ps4?

  • Awesome, another FREE update. It looks a lot of fun and I continue playing the game.
    Thank you HELLO games.

  • NOT receiving update on PS4.

  • Best money I ever spent on a game. Incredible.

  • This update sounds really amazing! Getting closer and closer to becoming an actual RPG lol.

    My small dislike is that these settlements are “on all inhabited planets across the galaxies”. I wonder if you lose that sense of discovery when you land on a planet and you’re the ‘first person’ there. Sure there are small buildings with aliens, but landing and finding a huge settlement makes it seem like ‘sloppy seconds’ to me haha. I know there are uninhabited planets, but those (to my memory) are quite barren.

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  • We got this game a little over a month ago and my hubs and I are both obsessed with it. There are some bugs still with the update but nothing fatal so far. Since I am relatively new when I encountered a settlement and became overseer yesterday I didn’t even realize this is a brand new thing in the update. It is very cool!

    @funkpower I get what you mean by it’s too much so what I did starting (and I still have so much to learn) is just fly around exploring a lot and building a few bases and only taking a few quests so it doesn’t get crazy. The Base computer quests seem the most important to progress your understanding how to set up your bases with tech. I have learned so much just walking around and exploring everything I come across.

  • To what degree do these improvements carry over into the PSVR version? Are the graphical tweaks a part of it?

  • No man Sky looks legit

  • How can i get the patch 3.64?

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