No Man’s Sky: The Next Generation

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No Man’s Sky: The Next Generation

PS5 version and upgrade announced, next-gen enhancements detailed.

Hello! This has been such a busy year for the small team behind No Man’s Sky. We have already put out five separate and sizable updates to the game. Our most recent update, Origins, has seen a large resurgence of travellers coming back into the game to witness first-hand the huge amount of new things there are to discover. As busy as this year has been though, we still have ‘one more thing’ to reveal.

Today we are thrilled to announce that a PlayStation 5 version of No Man’s Sky will be available at launch just a few weeks from now. Taking advantage of the next gen hardware, the PS5 version offers enhanced visuals, audio and more. Current No Man’s Sky players will receive this PS5 upgrade for free – and be able to transfer their save game between consoles – when they decide to continue to explore their universe on next gen.

No Man’s Sky: The Next Generation

Here is a closer look at just some of the features and upgrades that players can expect in the PS5 version of No Man’s Sky.

  • Haptic controls: From the satisfying feeling of firing your boltcaster, to the gentle nudge of a building part slotting into place in a space habitat or the firm click of the trigger in your interstellar ship – haptic controls allow players to feel immersed in an alien world as never before.
  • Fuller worlds: Next generation hardware allows No Man’s Sky’s procedural generation to create lusher, richer and more densely populated universes than ever before. Planet surfaces are even more detailed,  with thousands more rocks, alien grasses, and exotic flora on screen at any time. 
  • 32 player multiplayer: For the first time on console, up to 32 players can join forces to build, survive, fight and explore the galaxy together.
  • Advanced audio: Immersion has always been a pillar of No Man’s Sky. Thanks to PlayStation 5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, players will be able to soak in the ambience of an alien planet, or feel a ship fly overhead like never before (You can find out more about PS5’s 3D Audio here.)
  • 4K* at 60FPS: On PlayStation 5 players can experience the universe in pin-sharp detail at higher framerates.
  • Ultra visuals: Explore alien vistas with improved shadows, greater draw distances, thousands more objects on screen and improved lighting and volumetric effects.
  • Vast base building: Players can now work together to build huge off-world colonies, with the ability to construct and render far more vast and complex bases on screen.
  • Warp-speed load times: Explore the universe instantly with 5-10x reduction in loading times. On PS5, you can warp from solar system to solar system in an instant.
  • Crossplay: PS5 explorers will be able to join together with other adventurers on all other platforms, including previous generations.
  • Upgrading from PS4 to PS5: Not only will previous owners of No Man’s Sky on PlayStation 4 be able to upgrade their game to PlayStation 5 at no extra cost when PS5 launches in their territory, but their progress can be carried across to their new console.
  • PlayStation VR: No Man’s Sky is fully playable in PS VR on PlayStation 5 by virtue of its backwards compatibility functionality. 
  • An evolving game: Just another step on the evolution of the best-selling title, No Man’s Sky Next Generation will come preloaded with the previous four years of huge upgrades from day one. Join in the journey at our most important moment yet.

Our next generation journey begins. We hope you are excited to join us.

*4K compatible TV required.

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  • My love for this team knows no bounds!

    I cannot wait to jump from PC back to PS(5) in November!

    • I agree. Haven’t touched this game in a year or so. I now have PSVR and a PS5, and my God does this look awesome.

    • I platinumed the game before any of the major free updates and enjoyed it for what it was. The game has come such a far way and brought the original vision pretty much to life. I for one would LOVE a separate trophy list for the PS5 version so I can fully immerse myself with this new odyssey.

  • Initially, I wasn’t planning on buying the PS5 at launch but man it’s No man’s sky that too free upgrade. Now I am intrigued. Thanks, Hello games!!

  • The game that keeps on giving. Great work. thanks for not giving up on this game and showing the true value of a great developer supporting their game and players.

  • Thanks and congratulations!

  • Great addition to PS5! Took a while to get where it is now but at least they kept their promise and then some!

    • You all have come a long way since release. I am proud of you guys for caring about the feedback of your consumers and working tirelessly to keep the game evolving. This team is one of very few that cares about its product and keeps the players interested and not just chasing the mighty dollar. Keep up the good work and looking forward to what other greatness you guys bring.

  • Does this mean the psvr version when played though ps5 is improved?

  • Will there be any improvements on PSVR version? I was so excited to play it on VR but it’s too blurry for my liking. Will you take advantage of the extra power of the PS5?

    • That’s what I want to know too.

    • I’m afraid they answered that in the blog post. It will only support PSVR via backward compatibility, so it will look identical on PS5 as on PS4, with just shorter load time when starting the game. So this is bad news. :(

    • Wow, the developer can’t possibly screw over PSVR1 users two major patches in a row, can they? No PS4 Pro support for the PSVR release, and now they are still planning to put it out as BC on the PS5 with still NO visual upgrades? It just needs a bit more AA and/or stronger resolution on the headset… nothing fancy for a full PS5 re-release. It’s kinda sad, tbh.

    • I would so happily pay for this.
      I wonder if there are complications because of the old controllers/camera/ps4 backward compatibility mode etc. I can’t tell you how much I hope this isn’t true :(

    • You people do realize the PSVR lens/screens cant be visually improved by software right? They are limited to 1080 x 960 per eye.

  • The best redeemed game ever!
    Thank you

  • I’ve had this game on my watch list and I promised to buy this game if a PS5 version was released, and now it looks I’ll have to keep my word. This looks amazing, and your team should be really proud. Well done!

  • Excellent news, but can you confirm whether or not NMS VR will be updated to benefit from the new hardware too?

    The current resolution in VR has been the same since the original PSVR update…

    I’d really appreciate an answer :)

    Cheers Hello Games!

    • Oh, I wanna know that too. Right now it only looks good enough very up close.

    • The blog post states that PSVR will only be supported via backward compatibility, so I’m afraid it is confirmed that the graphics will be identical to the PS4 version.

  • Amazing! Your guys are on a roll this year, Origins made the game even better and now free next gen upgrade. Can’t wait to get me a PS5. No Man’s Sky is the game I played most on PS4 and will surely be the one I sink more hours on my future PS5. Thanks HG and Sean!

  • No Man’s Sky has been one of the best games I’ve ever bought, and the vast amount of free content added over the past 4 years has made it the best value too. Thank you Hello Games for supporting this incredible game, your hard work is very much appreciated!

  • I feel like I want to cry. Never before have I seen a game dev take their broken game from launch and turn it into a masterpiece while continuing to add on to it for years. Amazing.

  • Please find a way to update the PSVR graphics on the ps5! I’ve gotten so bored with videogames and my kid got one for Xmas, and now I’ve been using it, it’s the only way to have a novel experience with videogames these days. I was really hoping for ps5 to push the PSVR more! The main reason I was excited for ps5. No man’s sky is one of the best experiences along with Dreams, on the PSVR. I don’t want to have to buy an oculus, or build a pc. Sony, help us VR fans that you created. Give us some excitement!

    • Yes please! I pre ordered PS5 on hopes of more Sony VR! PSVR anything please. PSVR 2 would be ok as well lol. I know that’s a ways off. Just saying though… A lot of us are foaming at the mouth for more VR anything from Playstation!

  • This looks amazing! :D Too bad there will be no graphical improvements on PS5 with PSVR compared to PS4. That would have been even more amazing.

  • Wow, this small team have shown me what it takes to truly support this community and all of their supporters. It really is insane the amount of updates and content they have produced since launch. Grateful for the dedication and I will support them always for as long as I can.

  • Thank you Hello Games! I think it’s ok to start selling your expansions in the future though! It’d make us fans feel a little bit better to give back.

  • Is the PSVR version on PS5 getting a huge nudge in visuals on PS5? It was too blurry on the PS4 for me so I have been holding out for a pro patch or better yet a PS5 patch.

  • Please release the game in physical format for the PS5!

  • Wow! I haven’t checked out the new Origins update yet. Now I’m gonna wait for PS5! Amazing!

    • Started playing this game only a month ago. Man I am totally hooked. Free upgrade for the PS5? I am all in with this.

  • Oh dear…this might just tempt me back in…

  • This game is one of the reason I want to get a PS5 at the earliest and I am missing on placing a pre-order, hopefully there will be stock in stores to grab one.

    When this game was announced I was so thrilled but PS4 was not in my plans as my PS3 was still rocking. When my PS3 died, and I got the PS4, No Man Sky was one of the game I picked along right away. I still play the game regularly and man I am happy still just exploring around. Yes there are some action/interaction became monotonous but exploring and just flying around is very satisfying.

  • Since that Internet Historian Youtube video, that looked at the 2 sides of what happened with No Man’s Sky’s development and launch, I have the utmost respect for the team now. This is excellent news like much of the updates you have done in the past 4 years. Well done. I still have a sealed “Beyond” disc that I have been itching to start up and I will wait to do so on PS5 now. ^_^

    • I still have my launch copy. I also got a second for £6 to play with one of my sons when he found out it was a bit like Minecraft in space.

  • After seeing all the great updates that came out recently, I tried getting back to the game on my PS4 pro. Man the performance of the game was terrible lol. Patiently waiting till I get my PS5 to rejoin the sci-fi adventures.

  • It’s too bad I can’t get a ps5 without paying a scalper 2-3x the msrp.

    • yes you can, stop crying.

    • Just wait until they come back into stock in the new year dude. Scalpers can keep their overpriced ill gotten wares until price drops come in and then they’ll learn not to be . . . bad, people. Can’t curse on here lol!

  • I’ve always been a supporter even through the tough launch, but really, kudos to you for continuing to give with this. Free upgrade is spectacular.

  • There’s one small issue with playing PS5 version of No Mans Sky using the PSVR…. you need to use a ps4 controller with psvr on ps5 so you won’t get the dual sense features while playing vr

  • The biggest question: will the PSVR version have all these upgrades? Would be nice to finally see some games being optimized for the PS5/PSVR combo!

  • I came here to beg for PSVR PS5 improvements… Please :)
    I’ve loved this game since launch and it’s only improved through the years! My wife and I still have our physical V4 atlas passes on our game shelf! Thanks for creating one of my favorite games of all time!

  • VR on PS5 “by virtue of its backwards compatibility functionality”?
    Does that mean you have to be playing the PS4 version on PS5 if you want to play it in VR?

  • Okey Sony,
    I read this and other things/vagueness as that there will be no PS5 games that can natively support the original PSVR, only PS4 games running using backwards compatibility. Sure is disappointing, but wish you’d been more up front about it. I guess it’s time to move to PCVR, since PSVR2 seems undecided and far away.

    love your game, but only want to play it in VR … I guess I’ll have to buy it again on PC, because I assume VR mode will get all the next gen upgrades on that platform.

    It’s kind of sad, because PSVR would have had a lot more life with the more powerful PS5. And I’m obviously not gonna buy any more VR games on the Playstation platform (apart from the odd exclusive) until PSVR2.

    • Same for me!

    • Same here. I loved playing No Mans Sky on PSVR, but the lack of PS4 Pro support made the antialiasing non existent, so to the point that it became too distracting. Now with the confirmation that PS5 will not be supported by No Mans Sky PSVR it leaves me with little choice. I have got a Quest 2 and NMS on PC.

  • Has to be the biggest redemption of this gen. Can’t wait to play it on ps5.

  • This is awesome of them to do! Very nice!

  • WOW! I can’t wait to see how much the experience is improved! Thanks!

  • Nice update! Thanks!
    But I’m really hoping to see at least some improvement in PSVR graphics so I can actually play it without headaches.

  • I need to get back into this.

  • What I want to know is if this is going to be an update for everyone or are they just showcasing what the PS5 version is going to be like? I mean obviously if it is an update for everyone then yeah I don’t expect it to look “as good” on PS4, but it would still be nice.

  • Damn! I haven’t played this game but I’ll pick it up this time, it looks awesome!.

  • I chose the absolute right time to jump into No Man’s Sky. It was the trailer for the Origins update that convinced me to finally buy it, and coincidentally the game was on sale on PSN. Score. It already looked damned gorgeous when I first started playing and exploring, but goddamn this next update for PS5 looks ASTONISHING 😍

  • You guys are taking the “don’t give up” saying to another lvl…lol.

  • Will there be a physical edition

  • This game is a real rags to riches story. Amazing! Can’t wait to experience it in next-gen.

  • I am really dissapointed that I camped out for a preorder just for the benefits for VR, and it seems that Sony is unwilling to allow our current generation VR headsets to get any benefits at all. They need to be more forthcomming about what exactly we can expect, will the VR games at least be able to benefit from boost mode? How about any benefits for loading speeds? It’s extremely dissapointing to see a next gen update for this game that has no benefits for the Blurry Mess I get on my PS4 PRO! I have seen other games offer better graphics on the PSVR and I would think that some of the graphical upgrades for the PS5 would be able to improve the VR experience without too much difficulty. What about the Hitman Game comming out, am I only going to get PS4 quality VR on a PS5? REALLY?!!! SERIOUSLY?!!! This was one of the advantages that Playstation had over Microsoft I really hope that they are not going to let their lead over the competition fall behind. I prefer playing No Man’s Sky VR on my playstation because of the better performance is has compared to the PC version. The PS5 should be able to at least give us better load times and a less blurry image. I’m so dissapointed of Sony’s lack of clarity and seeming to not care about us VR only players….. :(

  • This is brilliant – absolute props to Hello Games for this. My absolute favourite game of this gen looking even better than ever on next-gen? Yes, please.


    Sony has, once again, absolutely stuffed PSVR users. Will I have to have two versions of this game downloaded to play on PSVR? Can I even have two versions downloaded? Will I have to download the PS5 version, delete it, and play the PS4 version to play in PSVR? Will my PS4 save game transfer over to the PS5? How about vice-versa? Does boost mode have any effect on PSVR games? We were all told under no uncertain terms that PSVR would be compatible with PS5 – now we’re being told, actually, no it isn’t; it’s only sort of ‘compatible with PS5’ with some absolutely huge caveats, and that it’s effectively being abandoned on the PS5.

    Given Sony’s appalling handling of PSVR as a whole, I wouldn’t touch any kind of PSVR 2 with a very, very, long stick.

  • Aww yiizz! I wish there was a physical release! My Day-One Edition is getting dusty, and I have so many updates I feel almost ashamed not needing to pay for! :D

  • Sadly, it looks like Sony has thrown PSVR1 users under the bus with PS5. No native support at all, just backwards compatibility mode with PS4 games. Even if boost mode works well, it looks like there will be no PS5 games with VR support at all. We will never get to see our PSVR headsets pushed to the max, they have been locked into the PS4 environment. It is a pity, as I dont think the PS4 was powerful enough to get the most from the headset. We may never know what could have been possible when attached to a PS5. The problem with this is that the PSVR users will migrate to other platforms and drift away long before Sony bother to roll out a PSVR2

  • Does anybody know if the upgrade is still free if you have the disc version for ps4 but got the ps5 digital edition? I got the ps5 yesterday and downloaded my save file from NMS but when I go in my library the game is locked and still costs $60 on the PS store. If anyone knows what I should do please lmk I love this game and I really want to try it out on PS5.

  • The psvr needs a pro update. I’m still confused as to what in the latest update affected psvr players. Can we play with ps5 owners and if so why will it be 16 or 32 players?? This game is too immersive in vr to go back to flat screen. We need a patch. Please.

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