Announcing “Origins”, the latest update for No Man’s Sky

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Announcing “Origins”, the latest update for No Man’s Sky

New planets, biomes, creatures and much more to discover in Hello Games' ever-expanding universe.

Hello! 4 years ago, PlayStation fans around the world first stepped foot onto their first planet in our near-infinite universe and embarked on their voyage of exploration. For a surprising number of people, it would be a voyage which would see them spending hundreds and even thousands of hours journeying to the next horizon, the next planet, the next star system, propelled by the desire to see what was around the next corner. In fact, that universe we created day one has already provided hundreds of millions of hours of entertainment across the globe.

That’s why it is so exciting to release No Man’s Sky: Origins on PlayStation 4 today. For the first time we are breathing new life and variety into that universe in a significant way, adding new worlds to explore, new planets never-before seen, new life to discover. 

Announcing “Origins”, the latest update for No Man’s Sky

How do you radically change a universe where so many have made their homes, built bases, named, and discovered? Our solution is to birth entirely new planets into the universe, with vistas never possible before. Fly your Starship through towering mountains and epic chasms vastly larger than ever. Survive lightning storms, fires and hostile weather systems. Discover new creature behaviours like fauna that land and take to flight, or huge alien sandworms. Walk beneath new giant flora that changes from day through night. Visit buildings of an entirely new scale, containing new lore and much, much more.

When No Man’s Sky first launched, we watched as players awoke on their first planet. It might have been hospitable. It might have been dangerous, barren, or teeming with life. For sure though, it would have been an intriguing alien world filled with curious flora and fauna never seen before – not even by us, the developer. We’re excited to experience that thrill again with you.

No Man’s Sky on PS4 has been updated over a dozen times since those early beginnings. The game has expanded in almost every direction to accommodate almost every play style: base building, PS VR, multiplayer, trading, community missions, exocraft, expanded lore… This year alone we have already introduced living ships, mechs, abandoned freighters and cross-platform play. 

At No Man’s Sky’s core though, beats the heart of an experience which has never really lost its main existential purpose: a voyage of discovery, of exploration. It is only fitting therefore that, for our major update of the year, and in the lineage of the larger annual updates of Atlas Rises (2017), Next (2018) and Beyond, we return to that core principle.

Whether you’re a veteran traveller who has been to the centre of our universe and back before, or whether you’ve yet to take your first tentative step on that first planet, the No Man’s Sky: Origins represents a major moment in our journey so far. Why not come see what there is to discover?

Our journey continues.


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  • Sean, awesome as ever. A day one believer here. But, please can you let me know when 2 player spaceships will be implemented? It’s such a needed thing. Thanks again. X

    • Day one believer? How long did it take for the 1st major update to come just to make the game decent?

    • Don’t be a debbie downer.

      I was also a Day 1 believer, I knew what to expect, didn’t blind myself with false expectations like the rest of you sheep.

      I genuinely enjoyed it from the beginning, just the fact I was able to free-roam an infinite universe from surface to space alone was enough for me.

    • Hey SAFN,

      I earned the Platinum in August 2016.

      The game was great from the go.

      But then again, I didn’t buy into all the hate from the hate brigade and believe every little lie they published.

      Instead, I read GameInformer’s interviews. You know, like the one that said the game wasn’t multiplayer, back in 2014.

      But keep on repeating what you “heard on the internet.”

    • Do not lie like that. From the get go game was full of gamebreaking bugs, crashes, and plagued with stability issues and lack of variety.
      If you enjoyed it, that’s perfectly reasonable. But nobody here acts like you’re an idiot, so don’t act like we are either.

    • @Anedime Played since day 1, can agree about the lack of variety, but nothing else you mentioned happened to me. My main save is over 400 hours, and I’ve never encountered a gamebreaking bug. 2 years after launch, with one of the large updates, I had the game crash exactly twice, but that’s it. No problems before or since. Others may have had worse experiences, but that doesn’t make OP – or me – a liar.

  • I love the idea of the game and from time to time I get back to it and spend a few more hours with it but in my opinion there is still one big problem with it. There is just a few missions to do which really would engage players to spend more and more time in the game. Exploring and building is great but it is even better if these are subtasks of a big mission.
    Most of the missions are short, simple and very repetitive.
    The few missions which were complex, had a story and took some time and effort to execute were the ones which delivered the biggest joy in the game.
    The world itself is ready ofc always need a little polish, have a few more plants, buildings, maybe big cities on the planets ;) but complex long going story based missions are the most missed thing here. That I would love to!

    • One more thing to say to be clear :D I love the game, every update was very well done thanks amd congrats for it, I love the fact that it is a long term supported game but in terms of gameplay the complex story missions the updates which would have the biggest impact. If there would be a huge number of interesting missions from time to time maybe as a dlc I would buy it without a word.

  • More great stuff for NMS!

  • Well done Sean. I still feel embarrassed for the way people treated you when the game came out. How can they they possibly be critical after all of these updates.

    • Lol!! Why would you feel embarrassed? Do you not know what happened before and after the game came out? He deserved to be treated the way the was! Period. No excuses. People can still be critical if they want. People hold grudges. Don’t matter if you fix the issue years later.

    • @SAFN He received death threats over a video game. That is definitely as embarrassing as it is scary, and NO ONE deserves that. And is there no place in your world for redemption or forgiveness? Yikes.

    • SAFN,

      People hold grudges? Certainly you have seemed to for 4 years.

      4 years, man. Let go the hate.

    • safn sounds like the little kid who got bullied because he started crap with the school bully. …then whined about it.

  • I loved this game since launch. Back when everyone “hated” the game. I love it even more now.

    This is essentially No Man’s Sky 2 at this point.

    The only thing this game is missing is a true single-player campaign with plot. Like, a non-sandbox plot campaign, with focused quests, missions and plot.

    Maybe a new “mode” entirely, like Survival or Creative, where upon starting, the game instantly generates a unique plot path for your player character, taking you to different planets and such, that only you will see, but you may come across other players doing different missions on the same planet.

    Also, the catalog just seems impossible to fill. Maybe in the new mode, the game generates a new finite catalog for you to complete.

  • Wow, sounds really amazing. And FINALLY giant sandworms!!! I bought the game Day 1 and although was disappointed it didn’t have certain features at launch (giant creatures, portals, actually meeting someone online), the game truly sounds incredible now.

  • Thank you, kind sir. Thank you so much.

  • Took them 4 years to release the game they promised 4 years ago

    • yea, no. just because kids made wild ideas in their heads and got angry their crazy ideas didn’t happen is not the same as what was coming.

    • ^ What are you talking about. They literally showed features in the trailer that weren’t there on day 1. Portals, the giant sandworms. 2 players also managed to be at the same planet and same location on a live stream… and guess what, they were NOT able to see each other. I also can’t remember if you could “take sides” during a giant space battle between pirates and transport ships, as was said at a game conference presentation. However, Hello Games have certainly been great in adding many free features to the game.

  • It genuinely makes me happy that there are still people, over 4 years later, that are angry over this game. It makes me happy because no matter how bad my life ever gets, I know there are people worse off. Imagine being angry about a video game for 4 years. Just imagine it.

  • Another fantastic update for what has turned out to be a great game. This team deserves nothing but props for continuing to deliver free updates to make this game better than what was originally shown all them years ago. Looking forward to what else comes to it in the future.

  • Hi Sean,
    I was wondering what would happen to No Man’s Sky once the new PS5 releases?
    Would we have to pay for it again, get it for free if we purchased it, or would it no be capable?
    If it does come to the PS5 though, when would it be released?
    Thanks and have a nice day

  • The game looks so incredible, I was on the fence on this for a while, but the dedication you guys still give this game has truly turned it into something special. Keep up the awesome work guys 🙌

  • Still waiting for better ship building system :D You know, I increase size, add cargo and technology = more weight = less maneuverability, less speed. I don’t like buying ready-made ships and all customization happens in user interface without changing ship appearance and stats. Aand ability to walk inside my ship, when these damn storms happen. Millennium falcon experience. More like flying bases :)

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