Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine revealed

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine revealed

Veteran developer Insomniac Games creating two new titles for PlayStation 5 consoles.

In my nearly 18 years of working at Insomniac Games (wow—has it really been that long?!), one of the things I’ve always appreciated about the studio is how it truly values and fosters collaboration. When we work together, and more importantly, when we listen to each other, the end result is always better. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine revealed

That approach even applies when we work with those outside our studio, as it’s been such a pleasure to collaborate with Marvel Games. Learning from and sharing with these true believers as we created games such as Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales has been a career highlight for many of us. And what’s so exciting is that our collaboration isn’t ending anytime soon, as today we revealed not one—but TWO—new Marvel titles coming from Insomniac Games: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine.

Let’s start with the one most of you probably could’ve guessed: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We’re so thrilled to continue the journey of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single-player adventure yet, coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 consoles in 2023.

While pushing the capabilities of the console will be very exciting, we’re equally pumped to craft all-new stories for Peter and Miles in this sequel. Just as in our previous Spider-Man games, we not only want to tell a great Super Hero story, but also deliver a compelling human story, one full of heart and humor that dives deep into the people behind the mask. 

Much of the development team that brought you Marvel’s Spider-Man is returning to produce Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including Bryan Intihar (creative director) and Ryan Smith (game director). Today’s game footage trailer is merely just a glimpse at what’s in store in terms of the new abilities our heroes will acquire, suits they will wear (more on that some other time), and the villains that will try to hunt them down. And speaking of villains, did you catch that final line at the end of the trailer? We’re so happy to announce that Tony Todd (of Candyman fame) will be voicing the symbiote-fueled Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We’re also delighted to welcome back Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter, who will reprise their roles as Peter and Miles respectively. We’ve been fortunate to work with so many incredibly talented actors in our Spider-Man games, and Tony has been such a wonderful addition to the cast.

Now let’s talk about the announcement you probably weren’t expecting: Marvel’s Wolverine. Back when we were working on Marvel’s Spider-Man, there would be times where all of us—Insomniac, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Marvel—would brainstorm together about the future beyond the web-slinger. And even in those early discussions, Wolverine continually came up as the character we’d be really stoked to work on together. Fast-forward a couple years and we’re suddenly standing in front of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel formally pitching a PlayStation 5 game starring the adamantium-clawed Mutant! (Since you just saw the announce teaser, we can confirm that the pitch seemed to go pretty well.)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine revealed

So many of the Insomniac team are such huge fans of the character, and one of the key elements that drew us to him is surprisingly not that different from Spider-Man: Both heroes feel deeply compelled to defend people who are less able to do so. 

Marvel’s Wolverine is a standalone game being directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director), who recently led the creative efforts on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game we’re extremely proud of at Insomniac. In the vein of our Spider-Man games, our goal here is to not only respect the DNA of what makes the character so popular, but also look for opportunities to make it feel fresh and truly reflect the Insomniac spirit. Even though Marvel’s Wolverine is very early in development, from what I’ve seen of its emotional narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?), the team is already creating something truly special.

Being able to build a new, original universe with Spider-Man and now Wolverine is such an honor for so many of us at Insomniac Games. A huge thanks to our Sony Interactive Entertainment family for giving us the opportunity to develop these games, Marvel for trusting us with characters that mean so much to so many people, and of course, our fans for continuing to believe in us.

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  • We need a re-release of the old SNES’ spiderman and x-men games

  • F yes

  • I’m so excited for more Spider-Man, and while I’m not the hugest Wolverine fan, I know that Insomniac is going to crush it and release another fantastic game. Very pumped to see what you all do with Wolverine too!

    • Am I the only one that hopes they touch on Harry being the Green Goblin or not I mean it was kind of a major cliffhanger in the ending of the first one and has yet to be mentioned.

    • Haven’t u played the first game? That cliffhanger that ur talking about shows Harry as potential VENOM, and green goblin will be his father Norman

  • How many people are working at Insomniac? Seriously they are getting so much done. Still want to see a Sunset Overdrive PS4/PS5 release though

  • This looks amazing! ✨🥂✨

  • I was close to tears when I saw venom pop up in the screen. Insomniac is the best.

  • Insomniac y’all are wizards I saw wolverine and I thought “well no hope for Spider-Man” and then it’s Spider-Man exclusive for ps5! Wooo!!!




  • Very excited for both projects. Keep it up you guys!

  • I am SO EXCITED! Thank you so much! 🤩

  • Are these coming to ps4?

  • I’m not a Wolverine fan personally but its awesome seeing IG expanding in the Marvel universe, that company is one of my all-time favorites.

    Can’t wait for Spider-Man 2, Venom baby!!

  • Why does Sony 1st party have ZERO epic RPG’s in development. Xbox has an annual RPG pegged for the next 4 years.

    • Bro… God of War is an epic RPG. Any way you slice it, it has NPCs, item shops, large open-world areas, deep weapon customization and item-drops. Items locked in chests in areas to be revisited. There’s literally not a single RPG element missing. It just also happens to have amazing action gameplay.

    • Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon aren’t RPG’s?

    • GoW, GoT and Horizon are all third person action adventures that happen to have a few things found in most RPG games. They might have a few “RPG elements” but that doesn’t make them RPGs.

      It’s hard to find a game now without weapon customization and NPCs nowadays. But that doesn’t mean every game is an RPG either.

      What people asking for RPGs are after isn’t likely action games with RPG stuff thrown in, but more “pure” RPG experiences.

    • Maybe RPGs arent their strong suit? At least we have Star Wars: KOTOR coming soon by Aspyr. That’s a very promising RPG right there.

    • Ahem… Final Fantasy 16…..

  • Oooo Wolverine.. gimmie!!

  • This looks good like really good and PS5 exclusive

  • Insomniac are the greatest to ever do it! Mad props to them, cant wait to play this masterpiece!


  • Do your thing insomniac, do your thing 👌🏽

  • Looking forward to play both. Loved your work with Spider-Man, and Wolverine is my favorite Marvel character, so I’m pretty sure you’ll do a great job with him. Let’s hope you explore his origins as Weapon-X and some wink to Alpha Flight, plus his relationship with Sabertooth, show some locations like Madripur and also show a bit of his relationship with Lady Mariko or him training Kitty Pride in Japan. I’d love to see a trilogy of Wolwerine games where in the end of the 2nd joins the X-Men and the 3rd is a single player with co-op X-Men game with him as main character but obviously sharing protagonism with other ones.

    Big props and good luck with the projects!

  • Very cool, Insomniac. However, my question is: Will they be coming to PS4? To release them, on PS5 only, definitely alienates and divides the audience and playerbase. Plus, it comes off, as unfair, especially when you take into account, that not all of us, have a PS5. Not trying to be a jerk, I’m just pointing out the obvious.

    • They didn’t mentions about PS4, although this means that it will be released on PS5 Only.

    • They’re not coming to PS4. These games aren’t coming out for another 2 years. Hopefully everyone who wants a PS5 should have one by then.

    • I may be grasping at a straw here, but I did notice the Spider-Man 2 trailer said “Footage captured on PS5.” Usually this is clarification for games on multiple systems. So could this potentially indicate a PS4 version?

      Either way, can’t wait to hear more on these new Insomniac titles!

    • The PS4 will be ~10 years old when these are released. It would be crazy if they were coming to PS4.

    • no both are Ps5 only . So get a Ps5 if u dont have one

    • PS4? Probably not.

      PS5 and PC.

  • Nice, I’m not the biggest comic fan but I really like Wolverine.

  • Soon i will get a ps5 to get this!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Insomniac. Its is IMMENSE how much game output you achieve. Even your remaster of Spiderman had full ray tracing modes. Can’t wait for Spiderman 2 and lets face it, even without gameplay, we all know Wolverine will rock too with you at the helm. People need to be talking about this more ^_^

    If only I could figure out what Naughty Dog is doing. A year and 9 months and all they have is a remaster of Uncharted that we will no doubt have to pay for again. And there is NO INFORMATION on what the “remaster” even is. Will somebody confirm if its even a tiny bit close to an Insomniac remaster job? Or is it like the lazy PS4 Pro visual “remaster” of Ghost of Tsushima on PS5?

  • SPIDER-MAN 2 AND WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This leads into a potential MCU like situation in the game world which would be huge and unheard of. Fingers crossed

  • I’ve backed off “Day One” purchases (Okay…I bought Miles Morales and A Rift in Time Day One), but this? Take my money!

  • “Single-player”
    Damn, was really hoping this would be multi-player. Maybe with an online version where you and a friend can just swing around the city stopping random crimes and stuff. Still hyped all the same though!

    • That’s what I thought seriously why have 2 then if only one player gonna use them both this could been the chance to have coop atleast 🤷just saying

  • Question, Will this game be released on ps4 too, People really can’t get a ps5 due to scalpers,

  • You Men and Women at Insomniac are absolutely amazing! I am so excited for Wolverine! This character doesn’t get too many proper outings in Gaming.

    X2 Wolverine’s Revenge, and 2009’s X-Men Origins Wolverine are the only 2.

    I look forward to your Wolverine Insomniac! Do him proud!

  • As much as I loved spiderman. I’m a bit disappointed that insomniac is being wasted on Marvel IP. Fine if they were doing one game at a time, but this makes me wonder what will happen to Ratchet Clank. What about Resistance? I’ve been kind of hopeful FUSE or OVERSTRIKE could be brought back. I’m sure Wolverine will be good and I’ll likely pick it up being a fan of Insomniac games, but now we’re being a bit neglected for IP some of us weren’t fully invested in, in the first place. Will Insomniac hand off Resistance? Hoping for years that we would see a return of this franchise, especially since Killzone seems to have been put out to pasture and hasn’t been heard from since Mercenary.

    Please do not forget what made Insomnaic who they are today.

    • I don’t know about Wolverine but Spider-Man was a project they wanted to make. It was a passion project for Insomniac and they are doing a great job with them. We just got a new Ratchet & Clank, so I don’t know why you’re worried. As for Resistance, I think that’s best left in the past. If they want to revive it, they will, but I’m doubtful it will happen.

  • Wonder if this will be in the same universe as Spider-Man.

  • For “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” didn’t need gameplay, and already wanting it.

    For other games “I need more/some gameplay, before deciding to preorder it.

  • I’m a little worried about a studio trying to do 2 major games at once – or if they’re doing one after the other, hearing the cry babies whine when Wolverine doesn’t come out by some arbitrary date that Insomniac didn’t even announce (y’all noticed there wasn’t even a year for Wolverine, right?).

    But if Insomniac does both titles justice, holy COW.

    Looking forward to both of these, already…just with a heavy dose of patience. Here’s hoping the year announcement for Spider-Man 2 holds – good luck, guys!

    • Insomniac Games literal have 3 giant AAA teams and it’s a mega massive studio

    • Yeah Insomniac is super different in that regard and they’ve proven time and time again that they can pull it off.

      I just hope they’re ALSO somehow working on a Ratchet sequel

  • Sounds cool!

  • Y’all need someone to demo both games? Asking for myself…

  • Glad to read Spider-man 2 is still a single player games as it looked co-op and that would be a disappointment for me. Although I hope I can play as Peter and Miles in different mission as I love them both.
    Wolverine was a big surprise and I hope the story will be as good as the pervious Spider-man games as they are excellent. Very excited for the future.

  • After how great Spider-man was, Spider-man 2 and Wolverine are definitely going to be strong GOTY contenders.

  • So glad to see Miles and Peter back. Incredible work. Keep it coming!

  • Insomniac Games literally carrying the PS5 right now lo Both of these look amazing!

  • I understand (barely) Spiderman being a ps5 exclusive. Wolverine also being an exclusive makes it that neither of these games will be purchased from me though even though I own a Playstation 5. Tired of Sony being allowed to bully the entire gaming community and industry. Logan is in no shape or form owned by Sony nor has he ever been. This was clearly something that Sony forced Marvel into doing

    • You DO know Sony owns Insomniac Games?

    • Sony hasn’t forced Marvel to do anything. Disney is a bigger company than Sony. This is Marvel looking for AAA developers to partner with. SE has released a turd, and XBox is not engaging with them. They are going with the best developers as they should. Great time to be a Marvel gaming fan.

    • Surely you have a PS5, lol.

      Probably a Xbox or PC gamer infiltrated here with fake concerning about exclusives being bad. Don’t worry too much, you will play if you are a PC gamer.

  • So my main question, who’s voicing Wolvie? I really hope it’s Steve Blum.

  • I REALLY hope Wolverine has the possibility of being on PS4. If it doesn’t at least I have the God of war game but Wolverine has been my childhood and I just don’t have enough money for the ps5 and don’t want Wolverine to be spoiled. But either way outstanding job at being peoples #1 hero game insomniac!!!!

    • Nah, Wolverine isn’t coming before 2024 and it’s a PS5 only title,

    • Ok I understand that ps5 is new and It needs more new games but making spiderman2 exclusive to the ps5 is not fair too people who don’t have a ps5 and can’t even afford a ps5 and that’s a lot of people so releasing spiderman 2 on ps5 and ps4 will make the game have a lot more people buying it and it will do a whole lot better just saying

    • You’re thinking in now terms. This game is still in development. Seeing as Spiderman 2 has a 2023 release date, I highly doubt we’ll be seeing Wolverine until after that. By the time it comes out, PS5 will probably be Sony’s only system.

  • Damn Wolverine game. About time, bub!

    Rated M for Mature please!

    Excited for Spidey too. Haven’t even played MM since I can’t find a PS5 anywhere, but excited for it nonetheless.

  • I also want to play as venom in this game and the way its sounds like these games are only for ps5 but im not sure.

  • I always wished Tony Todd voiced Venom in the movies, I’m so happy he is the one voicing it in the game

  • Ready for more Spiderman and Wolverine is like the next best thing I wanted from Insomniac if they had to stay with Marvel. You guys never disappoint.

  • Miles morales + Peter Parker

  • Please add this games for PS4 also as there are many people who r with PS4 god of war Ragnarok is coming on ps4 but not marvel games we want it on ps4 to plzz sony if u can do something about it

  • So the spiderman gonna just single-player then from the trailer seem it could been coop 🤔

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