The best FromSoftware bosses, as picked by PlayStation Studio devs

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The best FromSoftware bosses, as picked by PlayStation Studio devs

Ahead of Elden Ring, Santa Monica Studio, Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog and more reflect on their most memorable enemy encounters.

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  • Are you suggesting what we think?

    • are you suggesting that Sony suggesting a buyout of from software.

    • ??????

    • No way this happens, but if it does, this blows the Activision buyout from Microsoft entirely (IMO). Quality over quantity and FromSoftware are the kings of high-quality games.

    • Sony would have to probably buy Kadokawa Corporation to get From Software. I don’t see it happening honestly, nor anyone else having a chance either at buying them. But stranger things have happened.

    • Iehos, I think a lot of people forget that a couple of years ago Sony made a deal with Kadokawa specific to games and IP, and invested into some 2% of their stock. A buyout, if not of Kadokawa and just FromSoftware, is actually a probable outcome. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time a buyout was discussed.

    • @Iehos It is possible without buying the parent company. They would need to agree to sell FromSoftware for the price they want.

  • Excellent feature, and some very good choices in there, including some of my own personal favourites. I would also give a shout out to Orphan of Kos. This equally tragic and terryfying being unleashing a relentless barrage of attacks, its rage and utter despair piercing the player with each scream. For me, defeating OoK was simultaneously my greatest triumph in all of the soulsborne games and the worst I’d felt since killing Maiden Astraea in Demon’s Souls.

  • Buy FromSoftware!

  • Amazing. Fromsoftware has always strived to bring out the big guns with every game they make. Sounds like a certain company’s *cough*PlayStation*cough* first-party studios

  • Even though it is my least favorite Souls game, the lack of DS2 bosses is a little sad. At the very least, Fume Knight should have been there.

    • There are plenty of Dark Souls 2 bosses that could have made the list if it was not “the bad dark souls”, besides Fume Knight there is also the Ivory King, The Pursuer, Looking Glass Knight, Freja… And special mention for the final gauntlet of Throne Watcher And Defender, Nashandra and Aldia for being, at least as far as I can remember, the only boss rush in the Soul Series.

  • Please let Sony buy you so that we can get that Bloodborne remaster.

  • I remember fighting Maneater in Demon’s Souls all those years ago. I found him pretty tough. Then another one came. I couldn’t believe it!

    Thus started a long tradition of bosses becoming almost impossibly difficult while you fight them – the gargoyles are the same way in Dark Souls, and then they up the ante with Ornstein and Smough.

    Also, shout-out to the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls. At first it looks like a little alligator, then you see more and more of the unbelievably giant monstrosity!

  • It’s absolutely crazy how many iconic bosses Fromsoftware has created through the years. My top 3 would be: Isshin, Genichiro and Lady Maria.

  • Can’t believe there is no mention of Sister Friede

  • Wretch Power!!!

  • Sony buy Fromsoftware ( Kadokawa) please! Fromsoftware & Square Enix are Perfect for the Playstation Family.

  • From Software need to bring in better gameplay mechanic. Gameplay is very dated in all there past games. Character control needs to feel fluid with better animations. Imagine playing a souls game with the fluidity of Aloy from Horizon? That’s what we need.

    They do make some brilliant boss designs though.

  • I wish Sony can get Fromsoftware, but i know they belong to Kadokawa

    • A couple years ago Sony made an agreement with Kadokawa specifically for games and IP, and they also invested in their stock at the same time. I think they are looking to make a move…

  • Gwynn is an all time awesome encounter, you have been through a massive, crazy adventure through the whole game, with Gwynn’s power and crumbling kingdom overshadowing all of it, and you find a burning hollowed husk….who mindless and weak, with a piano lamentation playing through the whole fight. Amazing design and one of the boldest choices I have ever seen, to prioritize atmosphere and meaning of the last boss encounter over pure difficulty or spectacle

  • Sony needs to buy FromSoftware!

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