State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

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State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

All the news, announcements and trailers from the October 27 show.

Today’s State of Play brought with it in-depth looks, first reveals and updates on third party releases coming to PS4 and PS5 in the near future. Missed the show and its announcements? Worry not: we’ve got everything you need to know right here. 

Directly below you can catch (or rewatch) the State of Play highlights, see the full trailers and get a run down of every announcement made during its ~20 minute runtime. Eager to know more about those games? Click on a headline to go to a PS Blog post featuring extra details and insight, written by the game’s creator. 

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Catch the highlights of the latest State of Play episode with the above quick video recap.

Deathverse: Let It Die

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

A multiplayer survival action game built around a reality game show, in which you’ll fight it out for fame, glory and fortune. 

We Are OFK 

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Indiepop band OFK teams up with the co-designer of Hyper Light Drifter for a new, five-episode music biopic series. 

Bugsnax: The Isle of BIGsnax 

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Hungry for more Bugsnax? A new free update is coming early 2022, introducing a new island, living space… and the ability to dress up your favourite Bugsnax! 

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Find out how to evade prowling animatronics in the most ambitious Five Nights at Freddy’s yet, out this December. 

Death’s Door

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Journey through a dark (and offbeat) world as a bird with a sword in this captivating adventure. Read the PS Blog post to find out how its creator is using the DualSense controller’s features to further immerse you in its world. 

KartRider: Drift 

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

The Unreal Engine 4-powered arcade racer brings its competitive and combative modes to PS4. And you haven’t long to wait to try it: a beta launches this December.

King of Fighters XV

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

SNK’s fighting franchise debuts its newest fighter and announces an open beta test, coming next month. 

First Class Trouble

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

The social deception game launches into PlayStation Plus next month. Find out how you can survive rogue AIs aboard a luxury space cruiser… or, as an AI, how to pass as human. 

Star Ocean The Divine Force

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Square Enix marks the 25th anniversary of the sci-fi fantasy RPG series with the announcement of a new title, coming to PS5 and PS4 next year.  

Little Devil Inside

State of Play: all trailers and complete recap

Get an extended look at this Victorian-like era action adventure, showcasing gameplay and its intriguing, miniature-like world map.  

State of Play: All the announcements

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  • It was a good show!

  • I’m moving to PC at the end of the year, thank you Sony for opening my eyes, not gonna waste 80€+ on games and 60€ for PS PLUS, you guys release complete editions on PC for 50€ 😅

    • Can’t blame you, many are doing the same thanks to Jim Ryan and Hulst. Soon PlayStation will be an irrelevant platform just like Xbox.

      By the way, Sackboy is also going to PC, less than a year of being released on PlayStation. Let’s see how the simpletons will spin that one.

    • I mean, God of War is like, what, a 20 hour long game? There isn’t much to do after you’ve finished it. It’s not something I’d ever spend hundreds of hours on.

      It took 4 years for it to get to PC. If you’re fine with waiting years to play a game, I mean sure..

    • I’m already saving up. Got tons of other games to play in the meantime, but I completely agree.

      Also, Returnal and the Demon’s Souls Remake are apparently also going to PC soon, so some gamers who thought it was just PS4 ports are in for a shock.

  • WOW. Was there a SINGLE PS5 only game shown? Imagine if in 2015, we got nothing but PS3 games lol. That would have been the dumbest thing ever had the games industry forced that sort of nonsense on us……. even thought that’s what we are getting now.

    But seriously, how many huge games can anybody name that came to PS3 in 2015? Exactly. So why is is it absolutely fine here? PS3 was nearing 90 million units sold, not exactly that far off PS4’s 115 million sold. And Sony wouldn’t even bring us GT6 on PS4 back then but at least PS3 was long dead and buried as far as developers were concerned when making new games.

    And I’ll admit it right now, I completely forgot about this showcase and just saw a list of the games. That’s how bad its gotten Sony, I can’t even be bothered to remember to watch a live show from you anymore, like the way I haven’t watched an Xbox showcase live since the hilarious Kinect showcase in 2010 lol.

    Yet again, slippery slope, COURSE CORRECT…….. whenever your ready. Time to bring Kevin Butler out of retirement to fix PlayStation again.

    • The PS4 is still a great console at half the price. And Sony has a great bunch of PlayStation exclusive’s……. Like Spider-Man and Days Gone two GREAT GAMES! And that’s just scratching the surface. KEEP IT UP SONY!!!

    • ^ Exclusives? Days Gone is on PC. Spider-Man’s days are numbered.

    • Metal Gear Solid V was September 2015 on PS3?

      Problem is, Sony is starving certain regions of PS5s (e.g. Japan/Asia/half of Europe) while duping them in western Europe/NA. So especially Japanese developers aren’t going to bother completely supporting a console that sells 1/4 of a 4 year old console. If that continues can see more and more developers there dropping PlayStation support entirely or just porting Switch games.

      There’s also that if your game isn’t pushing high, high end graphics, making it PS4 isn’t losing you much. PS5 players can still play it, but you get PS4 players too. The only difference is a few controller gimmicks and faster loading (which might not amount to much). It’s not like many PS5 games are pushing the graphics envelope yet.

    • Make PlayStation Great Again!

  • Star Ocean is a classic franchise and earned a look with its past quality….King of Fighters has a fanbase but was a beta test announcement worth putting in a State of Play….. the rest is really odd. A bunch of forgettable fringe stuff that will come and go without most people noticing. What was the point of this State of Play?

    Seriously — What is going on at Playstation? I dont understand what the thinking is these days.

    State of Play should be reserved for news worthy announcements….then you can add some fringe stuff to fill it out – This offered nothing of substance.
    So now the next State of Play will get less interest, less attention, because of it. You need to use your resources, not fiddle them away for nothing.

    Long term thinking. Its like no one has a plan for tomorrow….they just do stuff.

    • “Its like no one has a plan for tomorrow….they just do stuff.”
      I’m not one of the “exclusives need to stay on PS forever because exclusives make me feel cool and elite!” people. But I have to say that every single time Sony announces its game coming to PC, I see more and more people saying they won’t support future exclusives, they won’t pay for, say, Death Stranding 2 until it comes to PC.

      Some games simply can’t come to PC or they’ll take way more time. Others just don’t have the budget to be optimized for thousands of potential PC configurations, for continuous bug fixing, et cetera.

      Other games use the funding from Sony and wouldn’t be the same without it. It’s like when Epic Games paid Chivalry 2 devs for exclusivity.. yeah, it sucks but at the same time, the game ended up being better because of it.

      So, exclusivity isn’t a big deal and I’m glad games are coming to PC but PS needs to make up their mind…

      Same with this State of Play. People will watch it and think PS5 has no games. When Returnal, Ratchet, FF VII Remake and all the PS4 classic exclusives are there.

      Sony just throws things around, hoping to squeeze out the profit. It’s like they don’t believe there will be a PS6 or PS7 and want to show the investors “look how much money we’ve made”.

    • The panic of CV19 has set nearly every industry back a year and worse if they were CA or a country with draconian rules. Who knows what games in development just are not ready anymore because of all this panic.

  • Excited for First class trouble, Death’s door and especially Little Devil inside.
    Oh and can the usual crybabies get lost already with your pathetic post threatening you’ll leave in every blog . Nobody cares, the Playstations are flying off the shelf.

    • Lol. I agree!

    • Just wait till all the major ps5-PS4 Games come out.

    • Agreed. You can look up the names and see that they just made accounts to post their worthless comments on here. How stupid can they be, lol

    • LOL, I agree with your sentiment… but I’d say they’re flying off before they even make it to shelves, a year after release!

      I was really excited from the PS5’s launch campaign that lead up to release. There were a lot of games that I wanted to play, I saw a lot of potential for the way games would be developed with SSD’s available across the board as part of mainstream systems, and I also felt like game devs were on a roll and we would continue seeing awesome stuff.

      There is a bit of circumstantial issues that Sony could not have anticipated or planned for… it took me 6 months to be able to buy a PS5, and it remains genuinely difficult to obtain one on the anniversary. It’s also true that game developers lost a lot of development time, and health regulations prevented previous levels of productivity. Also, for probably many reasons, Cyberpunk 2077 bombed. That was a game many people hoped would be a next-Gen jewel. So, I can understand why some people get so upset, but I don’t direct blame at Sony.

      We’ll get there eventually, meanwhile now is the perfect time to cross some titles off our backlogs.

  • im gonna moving to PC in 2022 and buy all first party game used.

  • I sure wish I could get and invite for a ps5.

  • This is depressing.

  • It’s official! State Of Play has jumped the shark.

  • Worst state of play yet

  • Way better than the last one, but still you have to wonder what Sony has going on sometimes. Not trying to sound like a jerk for sure. I would probably give all them games a chance sometime down the road minus the OFK one and would probably get the Star Ocean one right off the bat because Square hasn’t really put out a bad game ever and they look to be going back to their roots some. But honestly these indies were better looking and had some originality to them that is lacking from the big studios at times. Most people will pay a decent price on hardware to play a game, but aren’t to big on 60 to 70 on games over and over and not knowing what your actually getting before hand. And most would like a physical copy than digital to either recoup their lose or hold onto it for value. But it always seems as of late Sony is helping Microsoft push for this all digital on PC streaming, which i don’t mind people who prefer a Pc, its just they were not engineered for gaming even when they say it is, the graphics card is about the only component that really holds up. I am hoping they are saving some really great ones for next year that have just been kept secret. Looking at the big studios though it seems like the last state of play was all that was coming into 22 and 23 and it seemed full of recent remakes of games we just had on Ps4 and all probably own, with more of the same shooters, sports and free for all shooter/ hack and slash.

    • When I read “Square hasn’t really put out a bad game ever” I thought I’d somehow woken up in the Early 2000s. Before the painful demise of the FF series, driving emotion s, that weird MGS ripoff, the mobile games and everything else. 😜

      I suppose technically it’s an “Enix” not “Square” series. But other than one game on the PS2 that series is pretty grindy and forgettable. So maybe exercise some caution!

  • What a boring State of Play!
    Please show more Square Enix and Japanese games next time.

  • Something tells me Sony simply had to do a State of Play for burecraucy reasons. There is no way anyone would sit down and think “hey, how do we make people get our new product? I know! Let’s promise them a show, and then just show indies which aren’t even all that interesting… and a fighting game which is pretty niche even for someone who spent hundreds of hours on fighting games… and a Star Ocean game which looks bland.. and I say this as a fan

    I’m not sure what you guys were thinking. Even Returnal Update 2.0 is way more huge than most of this stuff.

  • Kratos moves on quickly

  • Oh, yeah… this was a thing. Completely forgot about it. Good thing too… Not one announcement of interest.

  • Still waiting for an update on the PS4 9.00 Situation, still getting a lot of people reaching out to me and telling me that the 9.00 update on the PS4 has bricked their console…

  • Exactly, it’s time to boycott Sony games. Paying expensive price on the release plus playing for online.

  • how long does it take to switch between each sock?

  • Imagine buy PS5 to play PS4 and indie game…

    • Yah, most of these.. games(?) will either be on steam (17-year steam member, here), or on GamePass.
      Don’t forget, the real Horizon – Forza Horizon 5 – releasing on GamePass early next month. Paid $1 for GamePass on PC, btw. Also got Far Cry 6, Riders Republic & more from Ubisoft+ on PC… $15.

    • How do you buy non-exclusive games on PS with deals like that?

  • At the time of this State of Play I was already asleep (everything is always tailored to the US, Europe doesn’t really matter), but I probably didn’t miss anything * yawn *. As I thought it would be.

  • @nop-corts

    Ok cool. Now you’re moving to PC you’ll obviously be in favour of more PC ports, so we won’t be seeing your spam in these comments any longer.


  • I guess it’s time to switch to PC..

  • Everyone in my PSN (including myself) is talking ALL about Facebook’s imminent Oculus Connect 2021 (VR) happening today, instead of SIE’s offerings. Your showcase yesterday did nothing to help that, with zero news related to PS VR software or hardware. In future, it would be better to state that this was to be an Indie Showcase (much like how Nintendo does), not containing any VR related news/products.

    • Oculus requires you to have facebook. I’m almost certain very few people use facebook.
      If you really like vr: Valve Index

  • Another showcase; Another missed opportunity to give consumers confidence that the PS platform is working to compete with XB’s suite of features. It’s great that 1st and 3rd party devs have stuff to show us, but when will YOU have anything to show us, PlayStation? Nevermind PSVR2 for right now. What is your plan for the future of PS Now? Will PS Plus be seeing any overhauls in the foreseeable future? Do you have something entirely different planned that will add major value to the PS experience either on or off console?

    • I hate being on here with negative things to say lately, but it’s been so quiet from you for so long. You need to hear that people are at the point where confidence is being lost. Im 30. My small group of friends are all PS fans and will buy PS games on console even if every game in the world goes to PC. I saw right when XB announced Play Anywhere and Cross Play (not to mention BC efforts) that they made a move so big and so consumer friendly that it would change gaming forever. For a long time when I celebrated XB’s decisions and said I couldnt wait to see how Sony responds cuz now PS would get pushed to be even better, my friends scoffed as if XB was a joke. Fast forward 4 or 5 years, there is not a scoff to be heard. There is just worry for the future of the PS platform. You are reaching the tipping point where XB’s value is about to meet and then overtake the momentum and customer loyalty you earned last gen. You need to build faith that you are confident in (or even have) a direction for PS’s future so that fans know staying with you will be rewarding and worth waiting for.

  • I’m a huge Sony fan and usually see the good despite others complaining…

    But that was the worst showcase that Sony has ever done.

    It even put me off Little Devil Inside, in which I had been highly invested beforehand. Not any more; crossed that off my wishlist.

    Can we have a proper big showcase to close the year out please?

  • Very bad presentation! The only good game was “star Ocean”

  • Well ya can’t please everyone which includes me as I just about fell asleep 😴 during this. Hopefully more games that interest me next time. And be sure to check out my PSN for some great games and chats; hit me up 🤙

  • Can’t wait for the new PS5 PSVR, like the old one? THAT, was absolutely shet, i mean, light tracking? It costs more than a Oculus Quest 2 and thats wireless. But I’m hyped for it – though I really don’t hope that it will cost more than the PS5, cuz I can’t afford that, I’m completely broke.

  • So, saying “Remove the useless PS Plus service for play Online” is considered bad or not constructive? Considering now this company will move all the “exclusives” to PC, which btw has free online. Just WOW…

  • Nothing for me here.

  • Another money grabbing scheme from Sony. What’s up Sony your million dollar program not making you enough money? Sony UK don’t seem to care much these days I’m burning all my ps stuff and moving over to pc much more and better games. Sony your a sell out.

  • Star Ocean was probably the only thing I got out of that.

    Would love to see Sony take another shot at the concept of Mod Nation racers without the goofy vinyl characters. PS5 should be able to solve most if not all of that games issues. Swap out the aesthetic for a more animated look that can some how blend Crash with Drake (even with exaggerated features). Mod Nation Racers was a great idea, just the art direction and the more heavy handed racing aspect of it kind of got in the way.

  • Thank you for this. Can’t wait for all of this variety to come to PlayStation. PS… Please bring back SOCOM!

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