GT7 Design Competition Announced

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GT7 Design Competition Announced

Enter to win and have your livery featured in-game.

In celebration of the launch of Gran Turismo 7, we’ve partnered with popular fans of the franchise to bring you the GT7 Design Competition. This is your chance to win an opportunity to race against Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Unspeakable, or Grefg in GT7. And it gets better! Contest winners will have their in-game designed car livery showcased for two weeks within Gran Turismo 7.

We invite you to flex your design skills by creating a custom livery inspired by one of our featured artists or creators. To enter:

  • Design a livery inspired by one of the artists or creators using the Livery Editor*
  • Capture a picture of your creation using the Scapes feature* or Race Photo
  • Submit your livery on Instagram and/or Twitter by tagging the artist or creator you’ve designed a livery for (Bring Me The Horizon, Davido, T-Pain, Grefg or Unspeakable) and include the hashtag #GT7DesignCompetition

It’s as simple as that, and you’re in. Each artist or creator will judge designs assigned to them and pick one custom in-game livery designer to race against. Each winning design will also be showcased in Gran Turismo 7 for two weeks.

The competition runs from now until March 23 in select countries around the world. Keep up to date with the competition and see announcements this week by following the featured artists and creators on social media. 

Tips to Get Started

Wondering how to get started, or just looking for design inspiration? Here are 5 tips to help maximize your car livery design potential. 

Learn basic photography tips using the My First Scapes tutorial, which displays a number of specifically selected spots and guides you through various camera controls and features.

Choose from thousands of Scapes locations around the world to find the perfect setting, available Scapes include Yosemite National Park in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains all the way to Dunlop Corner near the iconic Fuji International Speedway in Shizuoka, Japan.

Personalize your ride by adding a decal to your car’s window and helmet visor using this new feature in the Livery Editor for GT7.

Make use of the Livery Editor’s Duplicate/Flip tools to effectively apply your decal on both sides of the car based on your preference, which is useful if you’re looking to save time and avoid the hassle of designing the other side manually.

Make your mark by using the Decal Uploader feature, where you can upload your own logo and use it in-game**. For additional information, visit the Gran Turismo upload manual.

*Internet connection and game progression required to access Livery Editor and Scapes feature.
**Decal file must be in SVG format and no larger than 15kb in size. 

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  • How about fanatics?

    This is a cool idea though and the soundtrack is excellent.

    Gran Turismo 7 I think is easily the best racer I’ve played this generation.

  • That sounds really great,BUT the livery editor should be fixed first and also the game should be fixed as well.I bought a car GT3 Beetle in the game and it has no livery at all just blue.
    Also 4 days ago i was able to import my liverys from the GT Sport Section , now 4 days later they don`t work anymore , cant re-apply them or apply the original livery , for Example the BMW GT3 walkenhorst is just blue now without any original livery.
    So maybe first make the 115 dollar game work ,so people can enjoy what they paid for and then, if it works , they can start there livery contest.
    That would be really appreciated


  • Forgot , we are talking PS5 version here

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  • 25th Anniversary – this is what we get.

  • Is anyone else having issues when completing the USA course? It kick me out and sends message to PlayStation??? Cannot complete this task!!! Have tried over and over and does the same thing….

  • Hola
    Vengo del enlace de grefg

  • Привет как играть

  • The game needs to be online if people are to design livery. It’s been offline all day.

  • How long was the game online ??? 12 days ,14 days , and now almost 24 hours offline ,no single player possible Thanks to the online requirement for all the time in Game no matter if you play online or if you play single player. Paying 115 dollars for a game which is offline and unplayable after less then 2 weeks.
    Thanks PD.
    Maybe get the product working in the first place and then after that start driving people into your games to design livery’s etc. , which by the way don’t stay with or on the cars for more then 2 days and then they disappear from Vehicles in game.
    Probably time to start a refund round like cyberpunk 2077 and when GT 7 Is fixed and working people can decide if they really want to blow 115 dollars for a game wich is now unavailable.
    Thanks for reading ,keep fixing the game ,or maybe reimburse customers.


  • So, not even Polyphony Digital is safe from further degrading the PS brand. I recall a certain terrible brand suffered quite extensively for quite the while now for something. I think it was “always online”. Perhaps you might consider not treading the same path. Might save your further slide into annoying your very important fanbase that you have been dumping on for a few years now. Even so much as to advertise on the blog about how much worse first party games are compared to the terrible decision making processes that led to their release in the first place. You are badly losing touch, but luckily for you it is easily recoverable. Your first step would be a gaming CEO. How’s the censored Shuhei Yoshida going these days? Is he allowed to talk anymore or has he been truly muzzled and dumped into some garbage division of PlayStation, something like, I don’t know, indies? Ah, surely not. He must be head of Japanese gaming, bring all those great games over to us, and fighting for sales for us… oh wait, he ISN’T? Wow, I am shocked I tell you. SHOCKED.

    • Oh look, frustration didn’t let me get the full message across. I will grace you with the full message – advertise on the blog about how much worse first party games are on PS hardware compared to PC releases.

  • I WANT MY MONEY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are gonna be done with maintenance on sever soon?????

  • First charge €80 (and up), then drastically lower the in-game rewards to push players to MTX! Greedy & disgusting! And because of your stupid always-on strategy, now with all these server issues, nobody can play the game anymore, it’s your own fault! Shame on you Kaz & Sony!

  • Could we please fix GT7. I downloaded version 1.080 and it’s still not working. I’d like to actually play the game I payed $90.00 for

  • You want to restore your reputation here? Refund everyone who bought GT7 and release it on PS+. You know, when you get it working. In its “online only” state that crushed your opponents last generation.

  • Let’s Go🚔🚨

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