Share of the Week – Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – Landscapes

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Share of the Week – Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection – Landscapes

We take in the verdant sights of Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

Last week, we asked you to take in the beautiful sights of lush landscapes from Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection using #PSshare #PSBlog. From overgrown forests to the clearest seas, here are this week’s highlights: 

justinphotomode shares Nate standing underneath a waterfall.

guneetsingh1111 shares the views from India in Lost Legacy.

r1n5_1009 shares Nate making a daring leap across a forest view.

meksv shares a color flamingo filled watering hole.

_nvrheardofit shares some stunning architecture.

Lyonwarrior93 shares a beautiful cove.

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  • Very Great Shots 👌

    Can’t wait to share my photos captures from Horizon Forbidden West 😍

  • This Ladies & Gentleman is what you call Filler articles, when there’s no actual gaming news to report😉

  • Really looking forward to revisiting these games on PS5, but they’re going to have to wait a bit. Horizon: Forbidden West is going to very soon be priority, probably followed by Elder Ring. After that I sill have Miles Morales and Guardians of the Galaxy waiting to play.

    I wish that the free Uncharted movie ticket included for getting or upgrading to this collection included more theater chains than just Regal. There’s only 2 Regal theaters in the entire state of Michigan. Even checking if nearby states had closer Regal theaters and they’re all hours away! Would have been fine if Cinemark, Goodrich, MJR, or Emagine theater chains were included.

  • I loved this part of the game too especially the nature all around is so great. I wish to play this again, although have yet to complete uncharted.
    Thanks for sharing this pics, brings back the good memories of this epic game.

  • I can’t believe you guys are censoring Martha is Dead. That game looked so cool, now I have to get it on an alternate platform.

    • It’s just playstation being stupid. I’m starting to expect it.
      There was probably something in the game that offended one of the high-paid turds at ps. There’s no other reason I can think why it would only be censored on the most uncensored console. 🤔😉

    • Especially when they refuse to disclose what was censored and why?

      Not like we won’t find out. We’ll come up with our own harsh conclusions, since they refuse to tell us. Wouldn’t believe a word they say anyway.

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