Share of the Week: In Motion

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Share of the Week: In Motion

Sharing moments in the heat of action.

Last week we asked you to share moments while in the swing of motion using #PSshare #PSblog. Here are this week’s moving highlights:  

justinphotomode shares Jin striking with his katana in Ghost of Tsushima.

Darkspeed14 shares a Shellsnapper launching itself at Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

KenKenVega1 is surrounded by a massive swirl of fish in Abzu.

JonPSindies zooms past in their car of choice in Gran Turismo 7.

Sefwick shares a charging enemy in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

Steve_a_k shares the winds and rain whipping in Returnal: Ascension.

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SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on March 30, 2022

Did you know you can now share Create button captures straight from PS App? Next week, share an epic moment from the game of your choice uploaded through PS App using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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  • PS+ revamp Spartacus better be significantly better than what was rumored, because people are not impressed. First impressions matters and you want people to get subscribed to the highest tier possible.
    I’ve made a list of what it probably should look like.

    Honestly, I’d have a lower tier from the PS1/PSP/PS2 games, similar to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. That lower tier would not include any significant enhancements beyond just grunt better emulation performances, higher resolution, what you typically see in emulators. ~40$-50$

    Base PS+: Same Price
    -Online Multi-player
    -PS+ Free Games
    -PS+ savings and multi-player packs
    -Cloud Saves

    Better PS+: 80$-100$
    -All Base PS+
    -PS Now Games Download
    -12+ New Free Games per month (3 per week)
    -New Avatars for PS+
    -Multi-player DLC maps, Seasons Passes.
    -First Party *Multi-player* Games (as sold in retail) Yes, because you want to maximize the number of players to get interested in the game.
    -Abundance of Multi-player related in-game items as well as a lot of free credits for online first party games.
    Such as free cars for GT7 and free credits to purchase cars.
    (Also, you have to lower the price of these cars in GT7 because it is ridiculously expensive.)

    High tier: 100$-120$
    -Cloud Streaming PS Now.
    -Full Game Trials
    -Enhanced PS1/2/3/PSP games
    -Full Beta access.
    -Early Demos.
    -Rare/Unique Cosmetic Items.
    -First Party Pre-order DLC included.
    -Music Soundtracks

    Highest Tier (Ask whatever you believe it’s worth it up to 150$.) 125$-140$ a year
    -First Party Single Player Games (within a month)
    -Day 1 releases of newer games (including 3rd parties)
    -Earlier arrival new PS Now games (Some PS Now games arrives in this tier prior to going to the lower tier while most other PS Now games go to the Better tier)
    -x2 or x4 easier grinding of games (without making the base games heavy on grinding) which includes seasonal battle passes.

    Remember, the highest tier will get purchased by a lot of people, it doesn’t mean they won’t also buy the game itself.

    On top of that, not all first party games sells as much as a God of War or Uncharted, having them included in this package really generates much more revenue than just selling them alone.

    The latest Forza not only was the most popular one, but also sold the most in stores because more people got to play it. They bought it in store because they could play it a week before the release.

    Even if the PS First Party Games aren’t Day-1, you need a higher tier and have them included withing a month. You’re not releasing a God of War every year, this year has 2 really big titles while last year had a bunch of somewhat smaller titles.
    Just plan the releases of each games better to fit the budget and you’re making a ton of money from the ongoing revenue. You can ask more than what Xbox is asking for but not too much more.

    The acquisition of much bigger publishers may be needed.

  • *Enhanced PS1/2/3/PSP games would include Trophy 🏆 support, 60fps unlocked frame rate.
    Even Remastered versions to be included in that tier.

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  • I like the ps4 even if I don’t have the ps5 ,but the ps5 still cool. Love for PLAYSTATION company.

    Best one ever.

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